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The Space Centipede is the first boss in Contra ReBirth. As its name implies, it is a giant centipede-like alien creature that is able to survive in deep space.


An alien monstrosity that resembles a gigantic centipede, although also bearing two sets of dragonfly-like wings, one located right below the head and the other a bit further along its body.

The Space Centipede makes its introduction right after the Power Loader minibosses, seen soaring through space outside a large window. It initiates its hostilities by making a pass near the space station where the heroes are traveling on and proceeds to detach the tip of its tail, which is hurled toward the satellite and which crashes through the window, attaching itself and gaining access inside to unleash its attacks.

The tail is segmented in four parts in a flower-like manner, which then proceed to open up as if they were petals, revealing a disturbing giant eye in its center and with the insides of the creature filled with a plethora of fangs, giving the overall abomination the appearance of a carnivorous beast's mouth. The monster then begins to spin its body parts while unleashing a laser attack following the sights of the hero. After every two shots, the petal-like growths will conceal the eye and then spin around in an increased speed while firing laser ring shots from said growths all across the screen. Its growths can be destroyed, removing some protection to its center eye in the process, but also increasing the firing speed from the rings. The fangs absorb minor bullet shots and protect the central eye from damage, but will eventually dissipate with enough shots taken. Nonetheless, the creature is remarkably weak without all its protection and just a few rounds of concentrated firepower toward the center eyeball will be enough to put it out of commission and make it burst into flames. Unfortunately, the blast will also cause the entire satellite base to explode.

After the glare produced by the explosion fades away and visibility is regained, the heroes find themselves in a most unfortunate predicament, as they now stand on the satellite's debris which are speedily precipitating toward the Earth. If things weren't bad enough, the Space Centipede returns at this inconvenient time to finish the job, so the heroes are then forced to first deal with it before even starting to worry about their own survival.

After a brief scene showing itself blasting apart its wings, the centipede will approach within the heroes' range, making passes from one side of the screen to the other in an undulating manner, biting anything in its path with its massive maws. The Space Centipede will never directly attack from the center of the screen, only follow along its borders; this provides the player enough room to move out of harm's way. Its long body also produces small green projectiles in a diagonal outward blast, making dodging more difficult as the Centipede squirms about. Fortunately, all of its body is vulnerable to weapons fire. Furthermore, just like its tail, the monster isn't remarkably resilient and it will also just take a few moments of concentrated fire to fell the beast. Destroying its body segments eliminates the threat of its bullet spawning, but firing at its head will cause it to explode and send the remains of its burning decapitated body back to the emptiness of space.

Smaller variants of the Space Centipede later appear in Stage 5, Red Falcon Megalith, as one of Gava's main methods of attack and taking the role of the serpentine-like limbs/creatures seen in previous games. The fiend can release an infinite supply of centipedes from the two cavities it has on its sides. These alien insects will then slither across the screen in a number of patterns which the player must evade, as making contact with any part of their bodies will signify an instant death. The player can make use and step onto the passing Kimkohs in order to evade the centipedes, often being the only method of survival against these pests. Destroying the cavities from where the centipedes come out will prevent them from spawning anymore, although new cavities will keep on replacing those lost throughout the course of the battle.



  • Jeff - Men In Black II - 01

    Jeff from Men in Black II.

    The Space Centipede is possibly a reference to Jeff from the 2002 comedy-action sci-fi film, Men in Black II. Jeff is a gigantic alien worm living under the city streets whose mouth opens up in four flaps in a flower-like fashion, revealing series of fangs inside, with the central ones arranged in a circular manner, similar to those of the Space Centipede.
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