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The Sound Mode, also known by other variations of this name, is a bonus feature in some Contra titles. It is an option that allows to play the various music tracks and special effects heard within a game.

Game specific information[]


Exclusively in the Japanese Famicom version of the game, a Sound Mode option is available via a special button input command. At the title screen, hold A + B, then press Start to enter the Sound Mode menu.[1] The controls are as follows:

  • Up / Down = Select sound
  • B button = Play sound
  • A button = Stop sound
  • Start = Exit Sound Mode

Super C[]

On the North American NES conversion of the game, at the title screen, hold down A + B and then press Start to access the game's hidden Sound Mode menu.

Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

The Sound Check Mode is a hidden menu option exclusively featured in Contra Spirits (the Japanese version of Contra III: The Alien Wars). It can only be accessed using a special button input at the title screen. Curiously, the button input for the code is a Shoryuken command. Even though the Sound Check Mode is present in the overseas versions of game, the command for accessing it has been disabled. Because of this, the hidden menu can only be accessed via hacking. The music and all the sound effects are meshed together into one numerical list, in a somewhat specific order.[2]

Contra: Hard Corps[]

Named Music Test in this game, this option is available by default, under Options. In this menu, there are 29 music tracks listed in total, and all of them are named accordingly. There is also a properly labeled START and STOP button, with the latter simply stopping a played track. A third option underneath STOP is to change between Monaural and Stereo sound. There is an exit button, although this is redundant as the menu can easily be exited with the Start button. All options are activated via A, B or C, button presses.

Normally, the background in the Music Test menu is the same as that from the main menu (an infinitely scrolling robotic-looking wall), but if the Options menu is entered very quickly by skipping the intro images and logo warp in, the Music Test can appear with a black background instead. This can be achieved by entering the Options menu, exiting and pressing Start multiple times quickly to reenter the Options menu, as the menu cursor remains on the last menu options chosen during gameplay.

Neo Contra[]

Named the Music Box, this menu is unlockable once the game is cleared at least once, appearing in the Option's Etc. menu. Only BGM music is playable. The songs listed do not have a proper name, instead titled in a numerical value (01-01 through 09-06). The tracks appear to be in an order of appearance and organized by sections: tracks 01-** through 07-01 are the stage themes, tracks 08-** are menu themes, and tracks 09-** are gameplay related themes such as Game Over and Stage Clear.

Contra 4[]

The Sound Gallery is an unlockable bonus feature found within the "Bonus" content page. It can be unlocked by clearing all challenges in Challenge Mode. It is labeled "Sound Gallery" in the unlocked screen, but "Sound Test" within the Bonus content page. The A button plays a track, while the X button performs a quick fade-out with the currently played track. There are two different lists available; the top list is for music tracks and the bottom is for sound effects. There are a total of 135 sound effects. If a song is being played on the sound test, the Nintendo DS screen can be closed with the music still playing.



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