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Solomon Caesar is a playable character and one of the two main protagonists in the mobile port of Contra 4 and its sequel Contra 4: Redux.


Solomon Caesar is a ballistics engineering expert and hawk-eyed marksman who operated as a soldier of fortune during the Alien Wars, lending his expertise to the highest bidder. Eventually, Solomon was apprehended and forced into a terrible experiment in splicing alien genetic material into a human body. The process left his body in terrible health, most notable taking from him his prized eyesight and even the ability to properly process life giving oxygen. As a failure, he was tossed away like trash by his captors. He was later recovered by a government agency and saved from the brink of death.
Ashamed of his actions as a greedy mercenary and burning with hatred against the injustices he experienced first hand, Solomon set out for redemption and revenge against the alien threat, quickly chosen as a new member of the Contra task force. Solomon now constantly wears a face mask in order to safely breath oxygen and a pair of goggles which enhance his eyesight to nearly superhuman levels.

— Official backstory from Konami Mobile's website


In 2007, before the release of the mobile port of Contra 4, Konami Mobile held a contest for the best character among fans, with the winning entry of this competition to appear in the game. The winner was Stephen Hetrick and his submission of Solomon Caesar, an elite mercenary mutilated by the experiences of the Red Falcon, who joined the Government forces to fight aliens.



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