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Come on, enjoy the battle, don't worry!
~ SnowBear in Contra Returns

SnowBear is a playable character and one of the protagonists in Contra Returns. He is an anthropomorphic polar bear widely skilled in the use of heavy weaponry.


The zoo animals have all escaped? And look, this polar bear is running on two legs!
~ In-game description

Like Fang, SnowBear is a bio-engineered soldier who was created using gene-modification technology. After escaping from the lab where he was created, SnowBear became a member of a guerilla group at a very young age, and years later, he became part of the Earth Federation's Marine Corps. SnowBear, a skilled and brave warrior, played a pivotal role in the Alien Wars.

"Beep... beep... beep..." The cardiac monitor was hooked up to him, and his body was covered in electrode pads connecting to the machine, as well as the wounds he had just suffered in battle. Two nurses were looking him over. SnowBear had been unconscious ever since he was picked up off the battlefield and ferried back for medical attention, and Dr. Mandrake had recommended that he undergo surgery. The scent from the alcohol swabs and disinfectants was thick in the air. For SnowBear, who was lying there on the operating table, it was as if he had returned to some really familiar place. Although he appeared to be unconscious to a casual observer, his cerebral cortex was still active. It was as if SnowBear had been transported back to that white laboratory that he was once so familiar with. It felt like he was back there.

A house painted all in white with wintry rooms. A wall with drawings: a seal here, and a polar bear there... A long howl came from the next room. Probably from someone or something who had lost their mind. Perhaps it was a wolf or a dog? SnowBear heard the door open. Beyond the iron gate appeared a woman in her 20s. She was bringing SnowBear his meal. "Etranzi? Is that you? I missed you so much!" Etranzi walked over to SnowBear, and gently patted him on his head. Then, she held out some of his favorite food: fish, which he happily gulped down without a care in the world.

Inside the operating theater, the doctor instructed the nurse to place SnowBear under anesthetic. SnowBear couldn't help but jerk slightly as the needle penetrated his body.

SnowBear vacuumed up the fish that was on his plate, and looked up with an earnest smile. However, Etranzi had somehow morphed into a much-older woman who held not just food in her hands but also a needle and drugs. "Etranzi! Why are you doing this to me? Why are you acting like the others? I thought we were friends!" SnowBear's body began to tense. The woman replied, "You need to calm down, SnowBear. We don't want to hurt you. We're just trying to treat your wounds!" SnowBear blurted, "You're lying to me! You humans just keep torturing me! I'm not putting up with it anymore!"

The doctor carefully extracted a bullet fragment from one of SnowBear's wounds, and dropped it into the tray. This was repeated several times. Standing outside the theater and looking in on the surgery where SnowBear's bloodied body was breathing shallowly, was Fang. Although he had lost most of his memories, what was unfolding in front of him reminded Fang of the days the two of them had spent together at the lab all those years ago.

"Hey, Butterball. Where are you from?" A young Fang casually asked his new companion as he rolled about on the floor. The young bear answered: "I'm not too sure about that. I only know that it was very, very cold!" He then stared at Fang, not sure what to say next. "Tell you what. I'm your friend from now on", Fang said as he wagged his tail at SnowBear. He continued: "And here's a secret: if you're good, Mama will bring you food, and even brush your fur and pat your head!" SnowBear nodded.

"Fang, how are you doing? I feel awful!" It was years later, and a now-older SnowBear was in great pain inside a cage, having just been injected with an experimental substance. His breathing was labored. "Don't... don't talk to me right now... Need silence... Time to... myself. And... a little food... Anything to... to... forget about... this!" Fang, who had also been injected with the experimental substance, lay in the cage next door. "Why? Why are they doing this to us? Mama used to be so good to us..." SnowBear asked. He leaned heavily against the bars of the cage, tears flowing from his eyes.

Fang didn't budge from his place outside the operating theater the whole time. He observed the entire surgery intently, staring with laser focus at each and every bullet fragment that was extracted from SnowBear's body.

SnowBear finally came to, a few days after the operation, to the sound of Sheena calling his name. "Big Bear! You're back! You gave me such a fright back there! I thought you weren't coming back..." A tearing Sheena exclaimed as she ran over to give SnowBear a hug. "Little Bunny! I'll never leave you behind!" SnowBear smiled at Sheena despite the pain that he was feeling.

Sheena reached for a piece of brownie and cut off a small piece with a spoon. She then brought the spoon to SnowBear's lips, saying, "Big Bear, I always feel better after having a brownie! Here, have some!" SnowBear opened his mouth with some difficulty. Just as the chocolate of the brownie hit his tongue, however, he caught sight of the necklace that was hanging around Sheena's neck, and a great sadness came over him.

Night time. A groggy SnowBear found himself back in the lab of his youth. However, this time round, there wasn't any fish to be found. Instead, there were people lying in pools of blood... There was an old bald man, a young man, and... there was Etranzi. On her frozen face was the same smile she had flashed just before she'd died. SnowBear looked at her, and then looked down at his paws, which were covered in blood. Fang, completely shocked by what he had just witnessed, was cowering in a corner and wouldn't stop shivering. SnowBear walked over to Fang, stepping over several puddles of blood along the way. Then, he helped him to his feet and dragged him out of the lab. SnowBear woke up from his dream with a start and found himself drenched in sweat. He was still being haunted by his guilt.

It was several months before SnowBear made a complete recovery. Driven by his profound grief, SnowBear returned to the battlefield with a vengeance. All he could see in his mind's eye as he pushed forward with his ice thrower were Etranzi, the upturned corners of her mouth as she lay in a pool of her own blood, and Sheena smiling at him.

When she smiled, Sheena looked just like her mom...


  • "I'm built like a tank!"
  • "I can't eat too much before a battle."
  • "I'm built like a tank!" (laughs)


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