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The Smoke Wrestler is a boss in Hard Corps: Uprising.


An armored vehicle with a small hover turret capable of producing fire. A gun on the car is manned by a Commonwealth Private. On the side, Japanese text can be seen which translates to "Ground Imperial Army" (陸上帝国軍, Rikujō Teikoku-gun).

When the car is heavily damaged, it reveals itself to become a large high-powered transforming robot capable of running at high speed.


As the heroes reach an underwater tunnel portion of the Capital Railway, they are soon attacked by an armed car with a hover turret, driving into the area from the above track.

After either the turret is destroyed or the armored car is heavily damaged, the armored car begins to transform into a large black humanoid looking robot. The robot will then run on top of the electrified tracks to catch up to the heroes' freight cars. This robot can fire a wavy long energy blast and pick up a freight car and toss it in front of the caboose.



  • According to the official Shin Contra guidebook, the Smoke Wrestler is the predecessor to the Ninja Powered Yokozuna. Given the "old-style" of vehicles and machinery seen in Uprising, this boss, who shares similar attacks as the Yokozuna, is likely that said predecessor.

See also[]

  • Dogra - The transformer's first phase resembles an armored car with a gun on top.
  • Yokozuna - The successor series robot to the Smoke Wrestler.