The Small Tank (小型戦車 Kogata Sensha?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps. It is fast armored vehicle that launches an infinite supply of missiles which hold Necroid units inside them.


An aerodynamic tank capable of traveling at a very high speed and impervious to normal firearms. The Small Tank makes its introduction by suddenly entering the screen at full speed, destroying the Hard Corps' motoroid right as they are climbing onto an Air Police cruiser.

The tank will then start giving chase while launching forward an infinite supply of missiles. However, instead of exploding, these projectiles will open up as they reach the other side of the screen and let out a Necroid unit each, which will then start fighting back.

These flying enemies actually hold the secret for defeating this miniboss, as each defeated Necroid will drop to the ground and crash with the tank, damaging it. About six of them will suffice to put the tank out of commission.

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