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The Small Battleship (小型戦艦 Kogata Senkan?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a large, metallic flying vessel piloted by Deadeye Joe that is capable of traveling at high speeds.


A mini-warship resembling a blimp that is piloted by Deadeye Joe. Its design apparently follows alien technology (although it could as well be man-made) and propels itself via jet engines, bearing two (or probably four, two on each side) large exhaust ports on its back that emit (harmless) flames as it flies. The vessel counts with an internal offensive mechanism in the shape of a core; this device first has to be exposed in order to perform any offensive maneuvers.

After dealing with the first miniboss in the highway's tunnel, the Hard Corps finally catch up with a fleeing Deadeye Joe; however, before they can do anything, he quickly enters the Small Battleship and sets off at an even higher speed. At this point, the heroes reach a collapsed section of the bridge they were traveling on and drop down to ground level, where their motoroids transform into bipedal vehicles to adapt to the new terrain.

Joe's battleship descends from the top of the screen and positions itself in front of the soldiers; the red glowing orb then emerges from a hatch on the vessel's underside and starts shooting up to four blue laser beams of varying lengths directly on the asphalt, which then travel across the ground and which must be jumped over. Afterward, the ship moves behind the player and repeats the same attack in the opposite direction. However, in doing so, the aircraft also exposes itself, as this core is also its weak spot and the only way to damage it. After performing enough attacks, the ship will launch a gray laser beam with similar properties as the blue beams, with one notable difference: this color of beams bounce on the floor instead. The ship will continue to reposition itself and cycle between the two different beam colors in an attempt to hit the heroes until the core is destroyed.

After sustaining enough damage, the core will explode, and so will the rest of the aircraft, making it to crash on the ground and setting off an explosion that will cover the entire screen. However, once visibility returns, Joe is revealed to have survived the blast and somehow come in possession of a giant robot, thus commencing the main boss fight of the level.



  • This miniboss is likely the counterpart of the battleship Dodriguez from Contra III, although at a much reduced scale.
  • The ship only uses ten different positions of attacks before looping its attack pattern. Keep in mind that after looping, the beam colors may not always follow the same pattern as before.

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