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Not to be confused with Rail Cannon.

The Slide Rail Turret[1] is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. It is a turret that moves along a rail.


A turret that moves from side to side along a rail. It can either have its barrel pointing only at one direction or rotate it toward the player's direction, much like a mobile Rotating Gun.


Super Contra[]


Three Slide Rail Turrets are encountered in Area 1, Ruins of the Federal Military Base. Shortly after descending from the midway hill, a large wall will suddenly arise from the ground with three of these turrets moving along its rails, preceding the battle against the M4A4 Tank. The turrets can adjust their barrels to aim at the player's current position, and they also use their mobility to spray shots around. It only takes one shot from any weapon to destroy them. If they aren't destroyed in time, they will remain attacking during the encounter against the tank.


In the NES conversion of the game, Super C, four Slide Rail Turrets, arranged in two pairs, appear during the elevator section of Stage 4, Base Area 3. This variant is more akin to the standard Rotating Gun, being able to rotate its barrel to target directly at the player. Due to the ascending lift constantly moving the player upward, the latter is advised to make haste in destroying these turrets, or else they may end up in a disadvantageous position to either keep properly targeting the cannons and/or when the next batch of enemies appear.

Operation C[]

The same variant from Super C appears in this game, which replicates many of its aspects. They are encountered in the first stage, Area 1, often along with Wall Turrets.


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  1. Internal name from Contra: Operation Galuga.