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Slide or Sliding is a recurring technique featured in the Contra series in which the player character performs a sliding kick that travels a determined distance along the floor while dealing minor damage to enemies. The player character is usually invincible during this time.


Contra: Hard Corps[]

First appearance of Sliding. Sliding allows for a player to move swiftly and avoid enemy attacks while on the ground. Sliding is performed by holding down (crouching), then pressing the JUMP button. When sliding, a player will automatically slide in the direction they were facing when the move is performed and will immediately stand up unless the down button is still being held. Weapons cannot be fired while sliding; however, sliding causes minor damage to enemies and destructible objects. Sliding's strongest advantage is the small amount of invincibility frames that come with the performing of the maneuver. Sliding can effectively be used to dodge a multitude of enemy attacks that otherwise would injure the player. The player must time sliding carefully, as the end of the slide does not grant invincibility and they could end up sliding to their doom. Sliding cannot be performed while hanging. To perform a slide while on a thin platform, the player must be first walking by holding down-left or down-right before pressing the JUMP Button (pressing JUMP while crouching will cause the player to pass through the thin floor). Sliding is interrupted when the player slides off a ground's ledge.

In some cases, sliding is necessary to defeat certain bosses:

  • The Evil Snowman's second phase requires the player to slide under it just as it is about to take a large step forward. Although jumping can also work, the latter needs to be frame perfect timed in order to not receive any damage. Browny does not require to slide, as he is able to Double Jump over the enemy boss.
  • Within the same stage, the Long Hand Guy's final phase requires players to slide under its body or else receive contact damage. Again, Browny does not require sliding here, as his small size allows him to simply walk underneath the boss.
  • Sliding is required to avoid taking damage from the Alien Mounted Missile's second phase. It is possible to not need sliding if the player sacrifices a health bar/life to use a certain exploit during the battle.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

Leviathan himself exhibits sliding during his battle atop the Capital Tower Building. When he slides within a long hallway, he can fire his Rifle at a diagonal upward direction, striking anyone hanging from the ceiling.

The playable DLC version of Leviathan is also capable of Sliding. To make use of the action in Rising Mode, the exclusive Upgrade Dark Action Chip SL must first be purchased.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Sliding returns in Operation Galuga along with the Dash maneuver, a similar style of quick movement. It is a great evasive maneuver when the player is on the ground, lets them drop quickly if used in the air, and can even pass through bullets.[1]



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