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Simondo Belmont is a secret boss in Contra: Hard Corps.


In the Junkyard stage, right before entering the room to fight Noiman Cascade, if the player climbs up the wall they will find the Mysterious Character, who will ask them if they want to fight in the Battle Arena. If the player agrees, they'll enter a crowded fighting arena where they will fight Simondo Belmont, the Psycho Mother and Huge Face.


Simondo Belmont appears as a android carrying what looks to be a guitar case with a happy face sticker on his back (the sticker may appear as a sad or neutral face due to sprite emulation). His overall design was based on famous vocalist Masato Shimon, who is known for his contributions to various anime and live action series (a tokusatsu). What appears to be his hair is stylized as a big afro, wears big headphones with antennas, uses rounded sunglasses, and bell-bottomed pants. His right arm can extend into a chain whip, complete with a morning star-like tip, very similar to the Vampire Killer whip from the Castlevania series.

At the beginning of the battle, Simondo will come out of a door and destroy a candle, which drops a taiyaki (a fish-shaped cake). He will go and pick it up like a sub-weapon, and will use it during the battle.

Simondo Belmont has 100 HP total. After about 80+ HP has been inflicted to him during the battle, Simondo's head will blow up with colored wires exposed with sparks flying and smoke temporarily billowing from his headless body. Despite this damage, he will keep on fighting with slightly faster movement speed at times. Whomever destroys his body is awarded with 5048 points.


Simondo begins by walking in the direction of a player and staying along the path even if the player soon moves behind him. If Simondo reaches a wall, he will immediately turn the other way and continue movement. During his movement, he will occasionally follow up with an attack, then continue walking until he performs the next attack in the pattern and repeat all from the beginning. His attacks are in the same two-step pattern as described below in order:

Attack Description
Chain shoot
Simondo Belmont - 01
Simondo will face towards a player's direction and perform a tall jump that reaches the roof. At this time, he unleashes a metal chain from his arm that shortly extends mid-range in front of him, then retracts before Simondo touches the ground. This aerial chain strike is capable of hitting a player hanging from the ceiling or walls, but will not harm a player on the ground unless they come into contact with Simondo himself.
Taiyaki throw
Probotector MD Simondo 2
Simondo will take out a taiyaki and throw it in front of him, spinning at a mid to long distance from him. The taiyaki will hover in place for a second or two before then returning back to him (similar to the Cross sub-weapon from Castlevania). This attack only works on the ground and can strike at players crouching. Even if a player is behind him before this attack is executed, he will always aim at a player first before throwing.

Simondo repeats this pattern constantly throughout the battle and will always point toward a player before and after an attack. He only moves and strikes at the initial direction from where he points to first, never changing his direction during movement or in the middle of an attack. Because of his "chasing" techniques, it can be somewhat difficult to escape his attacks. Memorizing both the attack pattern and the timing of the attacks is required, as well as keeping a safe distance away from Simondo. All of his attacks are mid-range at best, so keep far and blast him with maximum firepower until he is defeated.



  • Simondo Belmont resembles Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series.
  • When Simondo throws a taiyaki, it behaves like how the Cross is thrown in the Castlevania series.
  • Simondo's theme, "SIMON 1994RD", is a remix of the iconic "Vampire Killer" theme from Castlevania.
  • When defeated, taiyakis will shoot out of Simondo's body making a sound very similar to the remaining Hearts counter from the classic Castlevania games.
  • Simondo is a parody of Masato Shimon. He recorded the song "Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun", which may explain why he uses taiyakis as his trademark weapon.
  • The first whip skeletons that appeared in a Konami game (GetsuFumaDen, 1987) were also originally called "Shimon" (a pun on "Simon" and which translates as "The Gates of Death"), that would explain why:
    1. Simondo uses a whip as his main weapon.
    2. He was inspired in Masato Shimon.
    3. The name "Shimon" was chosen to name the character.
  • Counting his appearance in Vampire Survivors, Simondo Belmont is the sixth playable character (alongside Colonel Bahamut) that is also a boss character, the others being Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Lucia, Leviathan, and the aforementioned Colonel (also in Vampire Survivors).
    • If one counts Colonel Bahamut's playable incarnation from Hard Corps Uprising, them Simondo is solely the sixth playable boss character.
    • Of all these playable bosses listed, Simondo Belmont is the only boss that is neither a main protagonist nor a major antagonist of the Contra series.
    • He is also the second playable boss to be a robot, the first being Lucia.

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