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Shoud (封印核 シャウド Fūin Kaku Shaudo?, lit. "Sealed Core Shoud") is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. It is an energy core that often appears in the boss rooms of some pseudo 3D enemy base levels.


Energy cores that often appear in the boss rooms of some pseudo 3D enemy base levels featured in the Contra franchise. Shouds are variants of the common Nuclear Balls encountered along the corridors of the base levels, and likewise, they act as weak points that must be destroyed, with the difference that instead of triggering the destruction of a wall, once all Shouds in a room have been destroyed the area boss will appear.

Shouds are initially found hidden behind some metal panels, but shortly after entering the boss room, these will slide away and the core will become exposed to enemy fire, remaining that way for the rest of the encounter. These cores are protected by Zark turrets, which constantly come out from their own protective panels to shoot projectiles in a spreading manner.

Perhaps these cores most memorable appearances are their inclusion in the boss fights against Garmakilma and Godomuga in the original Contra.





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