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Krystal Shop

The shop menu for Krystal's upgrades in Hard Corps: Uprising.

The Shop is a bonus gameplay option in the Contra series.


Appearing within the later titles of the Contra series, the Shop is a bonus feature in a game's main menu that allows a player to purchase gameplay upgrades via a type of currency. Some upgrades may require a specific requirement before obtaining. Upgrades generally appear within a shop and can be used to customize a player character to their liking, before heading out into the heat of a battlefield. Some upgrades are shared by all characters (purchased individually for each player), while other upgrades may be specific upgrades exclusive to a character or two.


Hard Corps: Uprising[]

The option known as Shop & Customize allows a player to purchase upgrades via the use of Corps Points (CP) earned from Rising Mode. Upgrades that are currently acquired can be toggled ON or OFF within the Shop & Upgrades menu.

For a full list of character upgrades available at the shop, see each playable character's specific customize list. Each character starts with a minimum of upgrades unlocked.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Named the Perk Shop.