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The Shooting Eye is an enemy in the Contra series. It is a worm-like alien with a big eye for head that shoots projectiles at the player.


Contra 4[]

The Shooting Eye is a yellow eye that pops out of the fleshy floors of the Alien Hive and fires blasts at the player toward their initial position. It retreats back underground after a certain period of time and reemerges a moment later, sometimes repositioning itself before it resurfaces. If the similarly eye shaped Nuclear Balls keeping the door shut are destroyed before they are dealt with, the Shooting Eyes can be skipped. Their blasts can reach a player crouching, so constant moving and jumping to avoid their projectiles is necessary for survival.

Shooting Eyes also appear during the fight against Gomeramos King. There is an infinite number of Shooting Eyes guarding the alien heart, but they will be immediately destroyed once the boss is eliminated.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

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See also[]

  • Jameera - An enemy with a similar attack pattern and possibly being the inspiration of this enemy.
  • Sand Worm - A similar looking enemy, although robotic and with a different attack pattern, appearing in Hard Corps: Uprising.