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Shin Contra Original Soundtrack (真魂斗羅 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK?) is the original soundtrack for Contra: Shattered Soldier. It was released on December 18, 2002 in Japan, and the music was composed by Akira Yamaoka and Sota Fujimori.

Track list[]

  1. Venus
  2. Select Stage
  3. Fortress
  4. Intestines
  5. Stage Clear -Jingle-
  6. Mountains Area
  7. Battle Train
  8. Result
  9. Submarine Power Plant
  10. Senator
  11. Super-Power Robot Yokozuna Jr
  12. Relic of Moirai
  13. Destiny Confrontation
  14. The Crawler Tank
  15. Special Stage Clear -Jingle-
  16. Hell Drive
  17. The Dusk Gathers
  18. Islands
  19. Sky to the Ocean
  20. Jinmen-Gyo
  21. Slave Beast Taka
  22. Lance Lullaby
  23. Survival of the Fittest
  24. A True Last Boss
  25. Meximum Speed
  26. Critical Moment of Contra
  27. Game Over -Jingle-
  28. Recollections
  29. Dearest
  30. Risk
  31. S-Power
  32. Orion

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