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The Shield Soldier[1] is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. It is an enemy soldier who takes cover from the player's fire behind a large shield.


A soldier unit protected by a shield. They tend to be guarded in the front, but their backsides are usually vulnerable. Piercing weapons can also pass through a shield and strike the soldier directly.


Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

A robotic soldier carrying a large metallic ballistic shield. He walks slowly toward its target and at times stays idle and fires a single bullet from his pistol before continuing to inch forward once more. His shield is sturdy but not invulnerable, able to be destroyed along with the soldier himself with repeated continuous fire. Despite guidebooks saying his shield is immune to Machine Gun fire, his shield can actually be destroyed by it, although with much concentrated fire. Hitting the soldier himself with a weapon will instantly defeat him just like any other soldier. The Fire Whip or its charged variant can make quick work of this robot due to their piercing abilities.

Neo Contra[]

In Stages 1 and 3, a Shield Soldier remains idle on the pathway, constantly blocking with his ballistic shield. At times, the soldier will reposition his shield away from his front and fire a single bullet from his pistol before taking cover behind his shield once more. As well as piercing weapons, the Katana can instantly slice the soldier regardless of his shield cover.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

A Commonwealth soldier hiding behind a one-sided protective energy shield. The shield absorbs all bullet fire save for piercing weapons, glowing when it does so. At times, the soldier will point his rifle through the shield and fire off three straightforward rounds. During the assault on the Capital Tower Building, some of these units are out of reach.

A red shielded variant also exists, where if the shield absorbs any weapons fire, it will charge up to unleash a medium sized energy ball straightforward back at the heroic attacker. These energy balls are not particularly fast and the shield is not capable of rapid fire, only capable of firing off another ball after a small cooldown.

Despite these strengths, the Shield Soldier overall is rather fragile. The backside of the shield is vulnerable and can be demolished by any single weapon hit. If the shield is destroyed or if the player stands directly behind the soldier, the soldier himself cowardly raises his hands in a hold-up situation, no longer becoming a threat. Killing the soldier will also destroy the shield.

The Shield Soldier will remark on when bullets are absorbed, when he fires, when he is held up, and upon his death.