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Those who died in betrayal, I will avenge you.
~ Sheena Etranzi in Contra Returns

Sheena Etranzi is a playable character in Contra Returns.


Sheena during her times at Hard Corps. At first glance, she may be underestimated as a "flower on the battlefield", but she has unmatched skills in guerilla tactics.
~ In-game description

Whenever Sheena smashed the mechanical enemy soldiers in front of her with the super cannon in her hand, she always shouted happily—"Explosion! Torn apart!" But this time, she didn't.

Today's Sheena is very different from usual, or since the mission of the Soul Army codenamed "M-431Y" yesterday, that is, the mission of smashing Bahamut's conspiracy to transform super weapons, Sheena suddenly fell silent. Bill believes that this must have something to do with Sheena being trapped in the secret room at the last moment.

That was nineteen hours ago. January 3, 2641 at 6:12.

The operation to go to the secret base to destroy Bahamut's transformation of super weapons is coming to an end. The explosion of the mechanical library broke through the cliff. The Soul troops found Bahamut who was fleeing and hoped to arrest him. They continued to explore the passage deep into the earth's crust. Sheena flicked her two long braids, bouncing and rushing to the front, and SnowBear followed closely behind, for fear that she might make a mistake, but he couldn't keep up with her agile movement. Suddenly, with a bang, a metal door quickly closed, separating Sheena from the others.

For the next ten minutes, Sheena and Bahamut were alone. Everyone was very worried about Sheena's safety, but no weapon could open the door. They didn't expect that Bahamut just calmly told a story to Sheena, but the content of the story was more painful and cruel than any physical injury. Ten minutes later, the door opened, Sheena came out, and Bahamut was gone. Everyone crowded around nervously, and Sheena only said two words, "He escaped".

When Sheena returned to the headquarters, she locked herself in the room. She didn't eat, didn't have a routine medical examination, and didn't go to the celebration banquet. SnowBear picked a piece of brownie cake and came to the door of Sheena's room, knocked lightly, but there was no response. He knocked again, "Sheena, I brought your favorite brownie, Sheena?" After a long time, SnowBear turned and left. He had just walked a few steps when he heard the door open behind him. SnowBear quickly turned back, took out the brownie from behind, and smiled at Sheena, "Little rabbit, look what I brought you."

Sheena looked at SnowBear coldly, without speaking.

"What happened? What did Bahamut do to you?" SnowBear asked with concern.

"What the hell happened? What did you do to my mom?" Sheena replied.

The brownie fell to the floor, the chocolate-coated walnuts shattered into tiny pieces.

The long-lost body reaction rushed to the nerve endings of SnowBear's whole body in an instant. He shuddered, and the terrible scene reappeared. He begged the young female intern: "Etranzi, can you help me escape? go out? I really can't take it anymore, the side effects of the drug make me feel like dying, please help me, or just let me die!"

As a polar bear, SnowBear never felt cold, but the coldness brought by the medicine made him feel a bone-chilling chill, and the spasms and intermittent pain almost made him collapse.

Etranzi comforted him: "You need to calm down, Snow, we don't want to hurt you, we are healing you..."

But these words had no effect on SnowBear who was in pain. Finally, he broke free from the straps, frantically waved his sharp claws, and escaped from the ward. And Etranzi's body covered with paw prints was forever sleeping in a pool of blood.

SnowBear thought that he could erase that afternoon forever in his memory. He was afraid of the day when Sheena would learn the truth, and now they stood in the shadow of that day. One is inside the room and one is outside. The door is closed.

Back to breakfast nineteen hours later. Sheena appeared, her two long horn braids falling down and a red headband, looking much more mature. The eyes of the male soldiers in the restaurant suddenly shone, and Sheena just nodded in response to the greeting.

Bill kept watching Sheena, as if he could see the trace of cruelty slowly emerging in her eyes. She is not the little Sheena she was 3 years ago.

After a while, Sheena and Fang followed Doyle and left the Soul Army to join the Hard Corps. She swore that she would defeat Bahamut and bring an end to that painful memory.


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