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Sheena Etranzi, formerly known as the "Mysterious Sniper", is an unlockable playable character featured in Contra: Operation Galuga.

She was voiced by Valerie Arem.


A character under the HC Unit. Throughout the course of the game, she Snipes a mercenary named Bradley: the first encounter was during his escape inside the Red Falcon Base, the second time is when Bradley is spotted inside the Ice Train.

Appearance and personality[]

Her design is loosely based on her Contra: Hard Corps design, but with a white full body suit and additional armor plating. Her weapon is a long customizable Sniper Rifle, capable of folding its nozzle downward into a space underneath the mid-barrel of the gun. As a folded shape, the weapon becomes a short-barreled thick Rifle.


Sheena's icon color is silver. When in a prone position, Sheena lays on her back with her gun pointed in front of her, with its sniper barrel extended. Sheena's weaponry has many alternate variants.


  • Sheena is unlocked by clearing the game's Story Mode but cannot be used in this mode. She also makes a cameo appearance during the game's ending alongside her squadmates, hinting at a possible sequel for the game.


General gameplay[]

  • "Good night." - Enemy defeated
  • "Neutralized." - Enemy defeated
  • "Mhm." - Enemy defeated
  • "Come to mama." - Weapon obtained
  • "Hard to choose." - Weapon swapping
  • "Won't happen again." - Revival
  • "Dodge this!" - Using an Overload
  • "It's time!" - Using an Overload
  • "Goodbye!" - Using an Overload
  • "Perfection!" - Stage Clear

Stage specific[]

  • "Sending a message, huh?" - Chopper crash
  • "That's enough already." - vs. Sensor
  • "Now this is living!" - Escape Ship start
  • "Careful. You're hunting a hunter." - vs. Metal Alien
  • "Woo! Hell yeah!" - Free falling after the final boss's defeat.
  • (breath) "How's my time?" - Contra Helicopter grab at the end of stage 8.



Sprites and models[]



  • Sheena's (as well as Beowulf's) "Guardian" fiery dragon Overload summon is strongly reminiscent of the Intruder enemy from the Gradius series. This particular enemy has frequently been referenced in many other Konami games.

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