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A fierce warrior whose abilities go far beyond those suggested by her appearance. Especially skilled in guerrilla tactics, in jungle combat she alone is said to be the equal of an entire squad.
~ Hard Corps instruction booklet

Sheena Etranzi (シーナ•エトランゼ Shīna Etoranze?) is a female guerrilla combatant, member of the Hard Corps task force. She was introduced in the Contra series as one of the main protagonists in Contra: Hard Corps, and has since made a few playable appearances in other Contra games, as well as minor cameos in other Konami games.


Sheena Etranzi was first introduced into the series in Contra: Hard Corps, where she played one of the four main protagonists. Since then, she has made a few cameo appearances in other Konami games.


Contra: Hard Corps[]

A fierce warrior whose abilities go far beyond by those suggested by her appearance. Especially skilled in guerrilla tactics, in jungle combat she alone is said to be equal to an entire squad.

She was designed by Yasuomi Umetsu.

Contra 4[]

She reappears as a secret unlockable character, being just a bonus feature. In this game, she has none of her personal arsenal, thus having one similar to the other characters. Her being playable in Contra 4 marks her second appearance in the series as a playable character, despite having no actual involvement in the game's storyline.

Sheena's default palette is a black colored outfit, but she also has three additional alternate color swaps: a pink attire, a red attire, and a blue attire. Her character model is identical to Lucia's, but with minor visual changes (Sheena has slightly different attire, blond hair, and the addition of a communication headband).

Contra Returns[]

Main articles: Sheena (Returns), Sheena Etranzi (Returns), and Ultimate Etranzi.

Three alternate playable versions of Sheena appear in this game, each at a different age and reflecting her fighting evolution by having a progressively higher rank.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Main article: Sheena Etranzi (Operation Galuga)

An alternate version of Sheen appears as a secret unlockable character. After completing Story Mode and watching the ending in which Sheena appears, players can unlock her from the Perk Shop.

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Contra: Hard Corps
Contra 4


Weapon Description Image Notes


Sheena Weapon A Icon (Hard Corps)

Genocide Vulcan

A large-caliber machine gun.
Sheena Weapon A
Twice as powerful as the standard gun and nearly identical. Slightly larger hitbox for the red and blue bullets.


Sheena Weapon B Icon (Hard Corps)

Shower Crash

Shells rain down and explode.
Sheena Weapon B
Range varies depending on height and angle fired, although overall projectiles don't travel very far. Its explosions are quite powerful and cover a small area of range. Useful for quickly wearing down bosses and powerful enemies, although its low range means the player will have to get close and personal with enemies, potentially putting them at high risk. Behaves similarly to Ray's variant, with the exception of Sheena's having a 'gravity' effect.


Sheena Weapon C Icon (Hard Corps)

Break Laser

A powerful, long-range laser. Shoots through enemies!
Sheena Weapon C
Shoots similarly to the classic 'L' Laser weapon from previous Contra titles. High penetrative capability and very powerful, although its concentrated beam and the gap left between shots make it have no wide coverage at all. Nonetheless, it's excellent for shooting resilient distant targets - situations commonly seen in boss battles.


Sheena Weapon D Icon (Hard Corps)

Ax Laser

A wide-beam homing laser.
Sheena Weapon D
A mixture between the Spread and Homing weapons, but with tiny laser beams that shoot in five directions and seek out enemies. The laser beams are shot at a very high speed, hitting targets almost instantly. However, this weapon has the lowest damage output of all of Sheena's arsenal, even if all five beams hit the same target. Nevertheless, their low damage is just a small tradeoff for letting the weapon do most of the work.

Sheena's weaponry behaves as a counterpart to her comrade Ray Poward, serving as a strong balanced main character or secondary choice (if playing a co-op game). Both characters' weapons share similar features, but both have differences to keep each character unique. Due to Sheena possessing more piercing weapons than her counterpart, there are some instances where Sheena's weapons prove superior to Ray's.







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