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Have a taste of my cannon, then we'll talk!
~ Sheena in Contra Returns

Sheena is a playable character in Contra Returns.


"An adorable sweetheart who loves big guns and explosions." -- Assessment of Sheena by the guerillas she has been since she was a child.
~ In-game description

Sheena is a beautiful and lively girl who, in her early years, used to live among the guerillas with her father. While her father has steadfastly refused to say even one word about her mother, he did give Sheena a locket that contains a picture of her. Sheena is known for her use of guerilla tactics on the battlefield. No stranger to heavy weapons, she is an agile warrior whose strength in battle strikes fear into the hearts of her enemies.

"KABOOM!!! Did'ya see that?!" Sheena yelled out cheekily as the tank in the distance was reduced to scrap metal. A wisp of dark smoke, not unlike that of a diesel engine, escaped the barrel of the cannon in her hand.

"Uncle Bill, please tell me that we're done for the day..." Sheena made a sad face at Bill Rizer, who was supervising her training at the firing range.

"Don't give me that face... Fine, just go..." Despite his tone, deep down Bill thought very highly of this young member of Team Contra, who never ran out of ways to run circles around the enemy. On her own, she was more than capable of taking down half a dozen or so Red Falcons at once.

"Yay! Time for some brownies! Thanks, Uncle Bill! See you, Uncle Lance!" Before Bill could turn back to give a few last words of advice, Sheena had already disappeared.

"That girl... Her dad must have put something in her food when she was a kid." Lance Bean shook his head, followed by a nod. The day's training was over and, like always, he and Bill were the last to leave the shooting range.

"I suppose we have her mom to thank for this little prodigy. Must've taken something during pregnancy or something", Bill chuckled back. "But whether we're in the hills, the forests, or even out in the streets, we're usually fighting against a much larger force than ours. Sheena may be young, but she's our expert when it comes to guerilla tactics."

Appearance and personality[]

This incarnation of Sheena features an all-new design. In this game, she appears to be even younger than her previous incarnations. She fashions two head ornaments in the shape of cat ears from where two long pigtails come out, wears a miniskirt, long stockings and big shoes. Her weapon is a bazooka that fires plasma shots.


  • "Call me Sheena, yeap!"
  • "Explode into pieces!"
  • "I will avenge those who died by treachery."



  • She has rabbit-themed motifs both on her young and adult garments, hinting that she is especially affectionate toward these animals.
  • She is also able to summon a small robot called "CX-2", which is the same name as the combat robot that replaced her main timeline counterpart in the European version of Contra: Hard Corps.

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