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The enemy HQ has been located at Galuga Archipelago. This is where it all began before, and where we can put a close to this war.
~ In-game pre-stage description

Archipelago is the fifth stage in Contra: Shattered Soldier. This stage is only accessed after beating the previous four missions first.


For cutscene details, see Script.

The pair of heroes fly in on mini-propellers with guns a-blazin'. They battle through enemy infested Jungle territory and reach the Blood Falcon Commander's base, being bolted shut by one large familiar defensive weapon. This scenery is all too familiar for one Bill Rizer.

Once inside the Headquarters, Bill reunites with his brother-in-arms- once more. Keeping his promise, the enemy commander strikes back. Down but not out, he decides to take Bill on a trip down memory lane by introducing him to some familiar deadly faces.


Besides the familiar set of enemies, the stage only minorly littered with obstacles. Unlike previous Jungle settings, the deep-water ponds of this stage are considered bottomless pits. Airplane propellers are also present and deadly to touch at any given moment. The propellers can be rotated by weapons fire and will change rotation speed and direction depending on where they are shot at.





The game's progression is decided at the end of this stage:

  • If the game is played on Easy mode, this is the last stage the player can play. If cleared, they will receive a message notifying them to play the game on Normal mode.
  • If Normal is played and the player received an overall ranking of B or lower, the Blood Falcon commander dies in a self-explosion. Shortly afterwards, Bill, Lucia, and the entire island are wiped out by a powerful Space Satellite Laser conducted by a mysterious party.
  • If Normal is played and the player cleared the stage with an overall ranking of A or S, the Blood Falcon commander reveals all that he knows about the truth surrounding the Red Falcon attacks and a huge Alien conspiracy conducted by Earth's government before he falls motionless to the floor. The two heroes Bill and Lucia then proceed to the next stage to put an end to the government's hidden agenda once and for all.



Description Audio
Theme of Contra Shattered Soldier Stage 5 - Island.
Theme of Shattered Soldier Stage 5 Boss 1 - Destiny Confrontation.
Theme of Shattered Soldier Stage 5 Bosses - Intestines


  • According to the World Map, the Archipelago may be located somewhere off the coast of Japan.
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