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For the Contra 4 stage, see City (Contra 4).
For the general environment, see Cities.

City is the third stage in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


The enemy has launched a major offensive towards the city. Take out the core units to eliminate the threat.

This city greatly resembles past City stages from years past. It isn't clear if this is the same Neo City that has been ravaged throughout time by Alien and terrorist forces, which would easily explain its current state of ruined condition. Familiar city enemies occupy the streets, and much of the overall presence resembles enemy forces from a past factory.

Bill and Lucia ride into the stage on rocket boards with a pack of wolves in beside them. As the two head out into the streets ahead, the wolves are seen attacking nearby forces. The two heroes blast through more blockades and eventually reach an elevator leading to the underground section of the desolate city. The enemy force doesn't let up, as the heroes are ambushed by a familiar "blast from the past". After escaping the mechanical nuisance, the heroes reach the underground basement of the city. They reach a meat processing factory of sorts where large grotesque creatures await. After surviving two horrors, the team are ambushed by a long tank-like enemy.






Description Audio
Theme of Shattered Soldier Stage 3 #1 - Maximum Speed.
Theme of Shattered Soldier Stage 3 #2 - Survival of the Fittest.
Theme of Shattered Soldier Stage 3 Boss - The Crawler Tank


  • The city is also seen in the opening cutscene of Shattered Soldier. The movie also depicts Bill and Lucia fighting off various enemies deep within the city walls.
    • Although the intro movie shows the two fight off a swarm of Gigaflies in the city, Gigaflies do not appear in this stage at all.
  • According to the mission select screen, the city is housed somewhere within the Eastern Coast of North America.
  • At the beginning of the stage, wolves are seen running and eventually attacking a Zako bot. While they appear to be normal canines, their placement in the City stage could be a reference to the Man-Faced Mutts that commonly appear in City stages within other Contra titles.
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