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For the Contra enemy sometimes referred to as "Sensor", see Nuclear Ball.
For the Super C (NES) boss, see Sensor (boss).

The Sensor, localized in English as Pill Box Sensor, is an armored hatch embedded on the terrain at determined sections of an area map. It opens and closes periodically, revealing either a Red Falcon insignia or an energy core inside, moment at which it becomes vulnerable and the player can shoot it to release a Falcon Symbol with the weapon it contains.

These containers are scarcely used throughout the series in favor of Power-up Capsules. Sensors appear in Contra (Contra (MSX2), Contra: Evolution), Super C (NES), Contra 4 and Contra: Operation Galuga. In the latter, there is also a variant used within the Galuga Ruins under the Galuga Tribe logo.


Contra (MSX2)[]

In this conversion of the original game, the player can only obtain new weapons from Sensors (as Power-Up Capsules give other types of power-ups in this game). When a Sensor is destroyed, it releases a Falcon Symbol with a weapon for the player to collect. This weapon can be either one the player already has or a new one to add to their arsenal. When picked up, the player briefly enters a small menu where they can select which weapon to equip from their current collection and use it until they find another Sensor.


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