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For the terrain object that releases power-ups when shot, see Sensor (object).
For the Contra enemy sometimes referred to as "Sensor", see Nuclear Ball.

The Sensor is a recurring boss in the Contra series. It is a large fortification equipped with four mobile turrets and a core in the center.


Super C[]

First appearance of this boss in the series, introduced exclusively in Super C, the NES conversion of Super Contra. The Sensor is the end area boss of the Jungle stage. It is a large metallic fortification equipped with four mobile turrets. It is encountered right after the earthquake section.

The Sensor features a cross-shaped indented trail where the turrets move along, and a glowing core on its center which acts as its weak spot. The turrets alternate between positioning near and away from the core, shooting a single bullet simultaneously as they reach each position; they then move in a clockwise direction to the next one, repeating the process until they are either destroyed or until the boss is defeated.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

The Super Wall is the end area boss of the first stage, Jungle. Its fight is actually a composite of two classic Super Wall minibosses, and then the main central Super Wall emerges from a waterfall in the background.

This boss has been given a wide array of new attacks in this game, making it way more lethal than previous incarnations. Here, the eight former decorative circles on its walls are now turrets that will take turns and periodically aim and shoot a single bullet at the player. On the other hand, instead of having mobile turrets around the core, it now has four panels that will circle around it to shield it from incoming fire. Once enough time has passed, the core will shoot a laser ray all over the screen in a circling manner that will subsequently produce a series of explosions all over the battlefield (this attack is almost identical to the eye laser ray attack of Maximum Jumbo in Contra: Hard Corps).

As a side note, after destroying the two initial Super Walls, care should be taken to make sure to also destroy their Destroi cannons, as these could remain active and keep lobbing bombs during the boss fight against the Sensor, making it considerably more difficult.



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