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Enemy detected, annihilate!
~ Scar in Contra Returns

Scar (Scarred in the Garena version) is a playable character in Contra Returns. He is member of Hard Corps team.


A CX-1-DA-2000 robot developed by the Earth Federation's labs. It has powerful destructive and flight capabilities.
~ In-game description

A set of hidden languages was cleared by researchers from the "Battle Scar" program. They did not find the string of letters "D-R-E-A-M-T-H-I-E-F" contained in it, which was written three months ago...

In 2640, after more than a dozen generations of efforts, the distance between the wires of the AI ​​chip had broken through the physical limit time and time again, but the most complex and difficult code in the world still could not be completely overcome, that is, emotion.

Writing emotional codes for "Battle Scar" was the focus of the research personnel of the Air Force Base, but before that, he was just a machine for performing tasks.

"CX-1-DA-2000, code-named 'Battle Scar', ready to start!"

"Nuclear power unit, ignite!"

"The nuclear power unit is ignited!"

"Nano controller connection started!"

"The nano controller is connected!"

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch!"

"Battle Scar" flew out from the air force base of the Earth Federation Government, drawing a beautiful arc. This was its 101st mission. DA-2000 is his name. It is different from other small-scale DA series robots. Based on nuclear power, it can provide high-energy destructive weapons and super air endurance, making him a veritable air force ACE. The nightmare of flying troops.

Yes, "Dream Thief" was the name of the Red Falcon's operation. The content was to activate Scar's internal spies in the Air Force to induce the battle marks and take the opportunity to implant alien codes.

Outside the control center, two guards were chatting.

"I heard that among the DA-1000 robots of the Marine Corps, there is an abnormal robot with human emotions." A guard brought the topic.

"Yes, let's call it Red Bull", the other replied, "No, it's just Bull."

"Yes, yes, Bull." "I heard that our Air Force is also doing similar research and development, and wants to add human emotional codes to the robot's AI." "It seems to be almost successful."

"Oh—by the way, the staff asked us to go there just now, are you going or...?" "Okay, then you stay here and be careful!"

Just as the guard turned out of the passage, the alarm sounded. He quickly ran back to the control center, only to find that the other guard at the door had disappeared.


"Someone hijacked the plane!" The guard rushed to the take-off platform with other soldiers, and found that the person who hijacked the plane was his partner on the mission.

"CX-1-DA-2000, code-name 'Battle Scar', ready to start!" In order to chase down the spies, Battle Scar went to war. He flew in the direction of radar detection and returned after 14 minutes. The tracking system showed that the plane had been destroyed. Everything seemed to be calm.

However, after that day, a strange phenomenon appeared - there was often a short signal interruption when Battle Scar left the mission.

At first, the combat readiness personnel thought that the signal transmitter was faulty, and replaced it with a new one every time. Until three months later——

On a gloomy morning, the researchers were doing technical testing on the battle marks, when the base's siren suddenly sounded. Like dark clouds pressing down on the land, a large group of aircraft and fighter jets appeared in the sky, and Red Falcon and the alien army attacked head-on. The base was swept by bombs and fire in an instant, the hangar was severely damaged, and there were serious casualties.

"Activate Battle Scar!" The superior ordered.

Battle Scar was dispatched and wiped out a hundred enemy fighter planes. However, when the remote operator locked the target of Battle Scar to the enemy's main battleship, Battle Scar suddenly lost the signal. In a blink of an eye, the air force base fell.

The Earth Federation Government ordered the remaining personnel to retreat to the Twin Cities Navy Headquarters, and sent the Marine Corps to support them. Just when a large number of Soul Army members arrived at the air force base to organize everyone's retreat, Battle Scar signal was restored, and his coordinates were over the base.

Battle Scar is back! The officers and soldiers saw hope again, and someone cheered toward the battle mark, but when he saw the battle mark's bazooka turned toward him, the expression on his face suddenly froze. He saw a huge fireball rushing out of the muzzle and hitting the ground.

Not good! Battle Scar actually launched an attack on the air force base. "I've wanted to meet you for a long time!" A red bull took a step forward, no, it was Bull.

One was the Lord of the Sky, and the other was the God of War on the ground. Although the researchers had compared Bull and Battle Scar many times in terms of data, the real contest was at this moment. "Taste my croissant!" Bull had already jumped out with his shield up.

The Soul troops also launched an all-out confrontation with Red Falcon, and the air force was also doing its best to evacuate the wounded. The scientific researchers refused to leave, their eyes widened, and they watched the battle while watching the data feedback on the electronic screen. The peak line of Bull gradually decreased... An energy cannon from Battle Scar hit Bull's feet, and he staggered and fell down. After rolling around, Battle Scar swooped down, raised the muzzle of the cannon and aimed at Bull. At that very moment, Battle Scar let out a "beep" from his body, and then landed beside Bull, and did not move.

The hackers gained access to Battle Scar's control system and shut it down. The crisis has been resolved, and the Soul Army finally repelled Red Falcon. Why did Battle Scar suddenly turned against him?

After the naval forces took over Battle Scar, through detection and analysis, they found traces of alien technological programs lurking in Battle Scar's AI program. With the joint efforts of naval researchers, Lance and others, Battle Scar's code was reshaped.

Battle Scar trials begin.

"CX-1-DA-2000, code-named 'Battle Scar', ready to start!"

"Nuclear power unit, ignite!"

"The nuclear power unit is ignited!"

"Nano controller connection started!"

"The nano controller is connected!"

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch!"

Bull looked at the reprogrammed Battle Scar, with a bit of sourness but unwilling to show weakness. "Hey, man, I'm the only robot with emotional codes, you have to work harder!"

Since then, "Battle Scar" has been invincible in performing its tasks, and it is still brave and invincible when it returns to the battlefield, dominating the clouds. Researchers are still working hard to develop emotional codes suitable for Battle Scar, but no one has discovered that deep in his AI, a line of cold code reads, "Human... huh."


  • "Mission complete. Returning to base."


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