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A traveler from the Far East who opposes the Empire but does not belong to any particular Tribe. She possesses great skill in battle that rivals Bahamut. What are her reasons for working with him...?
~ In-game description

Sayuri (サユリ? lit. "Small Lily") is one of the main protagonists in Hard Corps: Uprising.


A samurai who wears a kimono and sugegasa. Sayuri is extremely powerful and skilled compared to the other characters.

Her family was brutally murdered by the Commonwealth. She traveled to many places honing her skills, essentially turning into a cold-blooded assassin. She was chosen to be the Republic Tribe's best soldier, following orders alongside the elite soldier group's leader, Bahamut of the Union Tribe. The team of elite soldiers carried out orders to eliminate the Commonwealth and for the assassination on the empire's leader Tiberius. For Sayuri, this was an opportunity for her to extract her revenge. However, a more personal motive is later revealed: she is Tiberius's adopted daughter, and that her primary motive was to take revenge on him for abandoning her and her mother.

She also carried a special hidden agenda ordered to her by the Republic Tribe. Regardless of the elite soldiers' success or failure in the fall of Tiberius, Sayuri was ordered to assassinate the war hero Bahamut, for the Republic Tribe saw him as a threat.


For a full list of Sayuri's power-ups, see Sayuri/Customize List.

Sayuri is playable via DLC. She begins with an initial 9% of upgrades unlocked, being comprised of Action Chip D, Protector C, and Protector B. The latter two upgrades means Sayuri has a default total of three Health Bars available.

Sayuri does not use guns in combat, relying instead on close combat sword strikes. Her sword delivers strong damage at close range and is capable of rapid-fire, considered the strongest weapon in the entire game due to both raw power and speed, only offset by its limited range. Sword swipes have a somewhat large radius, useful for connecting with an enemy without getting too closely. They can also hit an enemy directly behind Sayuri if at extremely close quarters. Sayuri can charge her sword by holding the FIRE button. When fully charged, her sword will unleash an additional wide beam slash capable of reaching farther away opponents from long range. Sword strikes can be adjustable to reach in all eight cardinal directions. It possesses less power than a normal sword strike but makes up for this in long-range attacking. For the sake of gameplay purposes, Sayuri is still able to obtain Weapon capsules. Although she is unable to utilize their power, picking up weapon capsules will still grant her points and combo meter power.

In Rising Mode, Sayuri is able to equip a number of exclusive skills, such as Samurai Action and the Sword upgrade skills. The latter upgrades replace the weapon upgrades possessed by the other playable characters and will turn her already deadly sword strikes into an even more powerful weapon, capable of bringing down bosses in mere seconds.



  • "Come with me." - Character Select
  • "Not finished yet." - Return
  • "It's not my time." - Return

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