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Sandinista (サンディニスタ Sandinisuta?), sometimes stylized in all caps SANDINISTA, also known as End Title, is a music theme originally composed by Hidenori Maezawa for Contra. It is the background theme that plays during the ending credits of the game.



Title Game Stage Audio Usage
Sandinista Contra (arcade) Alien's Lair End credits roll
Sandinista Contra (NES) Alien's Lair End credits roll
Sandinista Gryzor (C64) - Title screen/main menu
Sandinista Gryzor (ZX Spectrum) - Title screen/main menu
Sandinista Contra: Evolution Alien's Lair Ending cutscene


  • When Contra was first released on arcades back in 1987, it brought some controversy due to it being immediately associated with the Iran–Contra affair that had taken place shortly before the game's release. In addition to the similarity of names, one of the music tracks of the game was titled "Sandinista", likely after the Nicaraguan Sandinista National Liberation Front left-wing political party that took part in this conflict.
  • Noteworthy is that this theme doesn't appear in the MSX2 version of Contra, which is a relevant conversion of the original arcade game that expands on it.

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