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Come get some!
~ Sally in Contra: Evolution

Sally Inohara (codename: Moonshadow) is one of the main protagonists in Contra: Evolution. She is the only protagonist capable of performing hand-to-hand combat.


Sally Inohara is a female soldier belonging to the Asian Special Force. A descendant of the Inohara Ninja Clan from Japan, she is a lethal and stealthy combatant. Although familiar with modern weaponry, Sally feels much more at home with the usage of more traditional ninja weapons such kunai, shuriken, yari, spikes, boomerangs, etc. While these weapons do seem and sound anachronistic to the extreme, under Sally's hands these ancient weapons become more than a match for modern-day arsenals. In addition, no enemies who approached close to her ever escaped from her and her deadly katana; Sally is rumored to have destroyed an armored vehicle and even stopped shells and bombs with it. In a war against Red Falcon in which she is to participate, whether the rumor regarding Sally's godlike skill with her blade is to be revealed in the oncoming war.


  • Katana: Sally's katana is activated immediately when she engages enemies at close range. In addition, she can stop destructible projectiles with her sword stab. Even though it can come extremely in handy (Sally is even able to destroy a Dogra with her sword stab), the hand-to-hand feat is not recommended against multitudes of oncoming enemies.
  • M: Sally throws throwing spikes (somewhat large) in a rapid succession.
  • S: Sally throws five-way kunai as spread shots. Compared to Bill's or Lance's Spread Guns, Sally's kunai travel in a much lower arc (only one shot travels upward, the second travels straight, the third, fourth and fifth ones travel toward the bottom front).
  • L: Sally throws long spears (called Yari) with superhuman strength and speed that they travel blindly fast and have the capability to penetrate anything.
  • F: Sally throws three shurikens set in Y-axis traveling straight. Basically, larger forward shots.
  • H: Sally throws boomerangs with homing capability.


  • To unlock Sally as a playable character in the mobile versions of the game, the player must collect 55 medals in Mission Mode.


  • Her overall gameplay mechanics are very similar to Sayuri and Jaguar.

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