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Ruined Base is a music theme originally composed by the Konami Kukeiha Club for Super Contra.


This theme is actually an arrangement of the second part of "Great Heli-Ruined Base", which is first played during the Great Heli boss/miniboss fight. It is the main boss theme for Super C (the NES conversion of Super Contra), and is played during most boss encounters in that version of the game (with just a few exceptions where "Great Heli-Ruined Base" is played instead).

An arrangement of this theme later appeared in Contra Returns (whereas "Great Heli-Ruined Base" not).


Title Game Stage Audio Usage
Ruined Base Super Contra (arcade) Inside the Federal Military Base Magnus boss fight
Ruined Base Super C (NES) Base Area 2
Base Area 3
Base Area 4
Alien Area 2
Magnus boss fight
Sensor boss fight
Laser Chandelier boss fight
Giralal boss fight
Dethgerbis boss fight
Guardian of the Lemris Contra: Operation Galuga Ruins Beowulf miniboss fight
Silence Contra: Operation Galuga Escape Ship Varanis miniboss fight

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