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The Royal Guard[1] is an enemy in Contra. He is an infantry unit belonging to the Red Falcon organization.


The Royal Guard is a soldier appearing exclusively in the two tunnel bases. These soldiers appear from the left or right side of the rooms and perform various actions, such as simply running while lobbing a grenade at the heroes or stopping in place to fire their guns before repositioning or leaving the room. There is also a jumping variant that simply hops from one side of the room to the opposite, rapidly firing off its gun while doing so. Similar to the outside soldiers, the Royal Guards constantly appear in large or infinite numbers, with some huddling together in large formations as they enter. The guards are not heavily armored, as a single bullet from any gun can easily knock one out. If the door they are guarding is destroyed, the explosion will also eliminate all Royal Guards on screen and prevent further from entering that room.

The Red Corps is a variation of the jumping type of Royal Guard, colored in a red uniform. These units jump around the battlefield firing off their weapons and leave behind a weapon drop if defeated. These units fight alongside other Royal Guards during battle.

In the arcade version, these troops wear a purple uniform. In the NES/Famicom versions of the game, these troops wear a green uniform with white boots. In Probotector, these enemies are changed into robotic blue bipedal walker drones with a small cannon.





  • The Greeder units from Contra 4 appear to take on the role of the Royal Guard during the Base stage, the one major difference being these units will never jump during their tunnel movement.

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