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A Rotator (unofficial name) is a recurring type of rotating device featured in the Contra series. It is a large circular device planted in the center of an area, with a large, multiple piece bar passing through its center spinning around the circular core. They are meant to be obstacles for the heroes.


Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

Rotators appear in the Neo Kobe Factory stage. One appears as a small distraction before the area with the Gigaflies. Other rotators appear within the base, where they are situated along the background wall. These rotators must be used by the hero to climb further higher up the base. Two more rotators appear over a large gap leading to the boss's chamber. A hero must climb from one rotator to the next without falling into the pit below, so timing a jump is required.

Bars also rotate around the Tri-Transforming Wall Walker's first phase, in a similar manner as rotators, but can also stop for a few seconds and revolve around the opposite rotation.

Contra: Hard Corps[]

Two rotators appear in the City stage. Like in Contra III, a player needs to jump from one rotator onto another while both rotate. A third inactive rotator is placed after the second active rotator. When a player climbs close to its core, the device activates by revealing a single red eye. The rotator spins rapidly with the player on board and then sets itself in a position where one of its bars slices through many parked cars while the heroes ride its opposite end. The rotator stops for a bit, then it gets hit by a beam blast from an enemy robot, where the heroes jump off the device, and it rapidly rotates while soon exploding from the damage it receives.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Rotators appear during a long hanging bar section inside the Laboratory.



  • The pieces that make up the twin parallel bars resemble Darrs. However, it is unlikely the two devices are related.
  • Two propellers from the Archipelago stage of Contra: Shattered Soldier moves in a similar fashion as a rotator, however it cannot be climbed on and it lethal to touch. Its rotation and speed depends on the bullets it is hit with and from which angle they struck at.