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Not to be confused with Rotating Gun.

The Rotating Turret (回転砲台 Kaiten Hōdai?) is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. It is a turret affixed to a module on the ground that can aim its cannon at any angle and fire projectiles at the player.


Rotating cannons that are affixed to a module on the ground, being able to aim at any angle and fire projectiles at the player. They are only encountered in stages viewed from a top-down perspective. Both their behavior and method of attack are almost identical to those of the Rotating Gun, although these are encountered affixed to walls instead.


Super Contra[]


First appearance of this enemy in the series. In the original arcade version, the Rotating Turret is a cannon with triple blasters and a soldier manning it. It shoots volleys of projectiles, one after another, in a spreading fashion. The projectiles can outrun the player's running speed, making these enemies insidious threats.


In the NES conversion of the game, Super C, Rotating Turrets have dome-like covers (this design was later reused in Operation C). They shoot three consecutive bullets and are not as fast as those from the arcade version, making them less of a threat. Like other enemies in the top-view stages of this game, the projectiles leave areas the cannon cannot aim at, allowing the player to find a safe spot within them and fight them back at their leisure.


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