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Not to be confused with Rotating Turret.

The Rotating Gun (無死角回転砲 Mushikaku Kaiten-hō?, lit. "Zero Blind Spot Rotating Gun") is an enemy in the Contra series. It is a mobile turret affixed to a wall that tracks and fires at the player.


Armored rotating cannons mounted on walls that track and shoot projectiles at the player.


Super C[]

Three different variants of these turrets appear in this NES conversion of Super Contra:

  • A quite unorthodox design appears in the vertical section of Base Area 3, being a metal disc affixed to the wall with four guns arranged in a cross shape; however, only one cannon keeps track of the player, with the entire disc rotating as it does so, and shoots two projectiles in quick succession. This design would later reappear in Contra Returns.
  • Further into the same level, a more traditional variant appears, with the only difference being that it moves from side to side along a horizontal rail.
  • The traditional Rotating Gun appears in Base Area 4 while climbing up the mountainside section at the beginning of the level.

This enemy does not appear in the original arcade version of Super Contra (and direct ports of it). However, the Great Heli miniboss is equipped with many turrets that heavily resemble and behave like the standard Rotating Gun.

Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

In this game, rotating guns are encountered in the final vertical section of the Factory Zone. They come out from panels on the wall when approached and shoot one fast-traveling projectile at a time. If the player avoids them and continues further toward the stage's end, the Gun will eventually close itself before it goes off-screen. In Contra: The Alien Wars, if the player avoids their bullet fire for long, the gun will eventually return to its closed position, never to reopen again.

Similar turrets are released by the Dodriguez within Stage 4.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

These turrets fire Missile-based rounds. The Rotating Gun is equipped with wheels but does not move. It is likely used by the enemy troops for easy placement across front lines in a battlefield.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Once again appearing in the Jungle. These turrets have a long barrel.

Eyeball sentries from the Ruins stage behave identically to a Rotating Gun, possibly being an "ancient" variation of it.


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