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The Rotating Ducker (回転ダッカー Kaiten Dakkā?) is an enemy in the Contra series. It is a robot that moves around by adopting a spherical form and then transforms into a mounted cannon which fires projectiles at the player.


Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

A green robot encountered in urban or factory areas. It is first encountered in a spherical form, rolling along the environment starting from the left or right edges of the screen. Shortly after their entrance, it will briefly stop and fold its armored shell, revealing a mounted cannon inside that will take aim and fire a projectile at the intruder. It then closes back up and proceeds to continue rolling along its intended direct path, where it may fire again shortly after if still rolling on a surface.

A Rotating Ducker has an armored shell, preventing it from taking damage. When opening to reveal its turret is the only time the machine is vulnerable, so the player has a brief amount of time to fire back at the robot while avoiding its projectile, or simply ignore it and jump over the rolling robot (if necessary), where it eventually rolls off-screen or into a pit. Each one possesses four HP and when destroyed, grants the player whom eliminated it 710 Points.

There is a total of twelve encountered in Contra III: The Alien Wars.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

Rotating Duckers appear in the City Stage, during the underground segment. After a battle with a Garth Base, the elevator reaches the bottom floor and the heroes exit into a long hallway, where Rotating Duckers roll in as the first enemies encountered within the basement levels. These models are virtually identical to their previous models from years past, however when they open up, their body protrudes leg extensions that attach to the ground, likely to keep its balance when aiming. These Rotating Duckers are also capable of rolling along roofs and fire upside-down (it is unknown if the older variant had this capability due to their appearance not having any nearby roofs). There is three located at the basement entrance and each one destroyed is worth 200 points plus 2% Hit Rate each.





  • These enemies are inspired by the Ducker, an iconic enemy from the Gradius series (also by Konami).
  • The Dumpling from Contra: Hard Corps possesses an identical behavior as the Rotating Ducker. One difference, however, is that the former can be easily annihilated while rolling, due to not being an armored robot as the latter.

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