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For the video game, see Contra: Rogue Corps.

A team of crack Jaegers led by Kaiser. Despite their abilities, they enjoy little luck and have trouble getting bounty so they are always in debt. Unlike many Jaegers who are even willing to do crime-like acts, they are determined not to undertake irrational jobs, but they are wanted by the military for unknown reasons...
~ Description from the Rogue Corps official website

The Rogue Corps are the main heroic force in Contra: Rogue Corps. They are conformed by a mixed group of misfits with varied personalities and origins, and their armaments apparently come from warfare loot. Although they were sent to fend off the invading Fiends, their true motives are not clearly stated; either they do it for the sake of humanity or they are just a bunch of Jaegers who fight for their own benefits by looting the vestiges of war.


  • Kaiser: A war veteran commando who was reconstructed after receiving massive injuries during the Alien Wars and now bears a cybernetic drill for an right arm.
  • Hungry Beast: A once noted human scientist called Kurt Steiner whose brain is now inserted in the body of an anthropomorphic cyborg panda.
  • Ms. Harakiri: A famed assassin specializing in stealth and infiltration who survived the Alien Wars by merging with an alien known as "Gut Bucket". She was feared by both friends and fiends alike.
  • Gentleman: A "brain caterpillar" type of bug alien raised and perhaps given sentience by humans as part of an experimental test program during the Alien Wars.
  • Aero Captain: A pilot and intelligence provider who deploys the team on their missions. Her support aircraft, the Guillotine, provides transportation for the Rogue Corps squadron.