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To be or not to be, that is the question.
~ Roena in Contra Returns

Roena (Rona in the Garena version) is a playable character in Contra Returns.


A famous magician in City of Ashes, she was rescued by rebels and joined the team rebelling against Solar Company.
~ In-game description

A flash of lightning strikes in the dark field, followed by rolling thunder, and the smoke instantly fills the entire stage.

"When will the sisters meet again?"

"Thunder and thunder and rain."


In the ghostly laughter at the beginning of "Macbeth", three witches descend from the sky, but they are all phantoms of the same person...

"Roena! Roena!" The audience loudly cheered tonight's protagonist: Roena, the star of the magic show, who toured 78 stops around the world, integrated Shakespeare dramas, sold out at every station, and was hard to get a ticket for.

Roena took off the magic hat on her head, and the phantoms on both sides slipped into it and disappeared in front of her eyes. She walked toward the audience step by step, steel branches came out like new shoots after the rain, and the branches and leaves became dense and entangled in an instant. King of.

Roena waved her hand casually, and a metallic rose grew on the passing branch. She flipped her hand again, took it off and sniffed it lightly, but turned her wrist again, the rose suddenly turned into a scalpel, and the forest collapsed in an instant. In this desolate place, there was only one operating bed in the center, and the face of the person lying on the operating bed was pale. The plot is changed to "The Merchant of Venice".

"A pound of that merchant's flesh is yours, and you must cut it from his chest. Will you?" Roena pointed the knife at the audience. The audience who thought it was a game laughed. Suddenly, the knife flew out of Roena's hand and stabbed the patient's body. A piece of bloody flesh fell in the center of the stage, and the audience was terrified.

"Someone has already cut it off with your hands." Roena raised her voice, and opened the magic hat again, a beam of light flew out of it, unfolding into a screen. The video on the screen is the real protagonist of today's show.

The video is a video of a live experiment, which comes from Solar, the world's largest biochemical technology company in E-137, which has mastered cutting-edge biochemical technology. Some time ago, it was announced that the biochemical electronic body technology for human brain transplantation has matured and will greatly prolong human life. However, it was revealed that live experiments were carried out on the captured enemies, and the voice of doubt became louder and louder. The company chose coercive means to deal with it: quickly blocked the video, and at the same time reached an agreement with the government that all Marine Corps soldiers and officers would be physically strengthened and transformed into military cyborgs in exchange for forceful suppression of opponents.

Roena teleported to the high platform in the middle of the crowd and asked, "If you were the one under the knife!" Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

"Bang bang bang", a sudden burst of gunfire interrupted the climax of the performance. The cyborg army surrounded the performance venue, and Roena calmly looked at the soldiers raising their guns and continued to perform. She waved the magic hat, and snowflakes poured out of the hat, drifting across the audience... Roena was taken away, leaving only the last sentence, "To be or not to be?" echoing in the swirling snow.

A cup of hot coffee was placed in front of Roena, and the interrogator opposite her was fiddling with the magic hat.

"The performance was wonderful, and I'm a fan of Miss Roena", the interrogator smiled slightly.

"If you like it, I can save you a few VIP tickets for the next performance." Roena's thick eyelashes fluttered slightly, and the corners of her lips twitched slightly.

The interrogator's tone was a little friendly, "I don't know if we can deepen our understanding in private besides performing. For example, I am also very interested in where the experimental video came from?"

"To be happy with a man, you should know more about him without loving him too much; to be happy with a woman, you should love her more, but don't try to understand her." Roena leaned on the armrest in the opposite direction to stay away The interrogator smiled even more alluringly.

The atmosphere in the room became tense. The interrogator corrected his sitting posture, and his tone became formal: "With Ms. Roena's beauty and talent, it would be a pity if she can no longer perform on stage. We would like to invite Ms. Roena as an image ambassador to promote the protection and continuation of human life by technology."

"Speak for Solar? What if I don't want to?" Roena asked back.

"Then you are very likely to be in danger, and you may even lose your life." The interrogator replied.

"A person's life is short, but if you spend this short life despicably, it will be too long." Roena, whose body was tilted against her head, showed a big smile, "This is Shakespeare's famous saying."

"You still have 24 hours to think about it." The interrogator turned and left.

Roena lay in confinement reading Shakespeare's sonnets. As time passed by, she didn't care at all, but was completely immersed in poetry. Roena gradually fell asleep. When she woke up again, the dazzling sunlight shone on her face. Roena rubbed her eyes, it was not a gloomy prison, but a wilderness outside the window. The weeds sprouted new buds, and a few butterflies circled the flowers. In front of the scattered military tents, the soldiers moved supplies in an orderly manner. Is this still a dream?

A voice came from outside the tent, "Are you awake? Miss Roena." A man dressed as an officer walked in.

"Here?" Roena was a little curious.

"The camp of the rebel army is at the outermost edge of the city", the man smiled decently, and opened his hand to show her.

Yes, she never came. The city is full of iron and steel walls, the fake flowers can only emit the smell of artificial perfume, and the real green grass is only fresh in the memory of childhood. Back then so-called technology hadn't invaded every part of the city. It turns out that there is still life on the outskirts of the city. The man handed the magic hat to Roena, "You are free, you can leave at any time."

"Can you show me around?" Roena asked.

"Of course. If you are willing to join the rebel army, we welcome it even more." The man took off his military cap and saluted her.

The sun illuminated the camp through the morning mist.

Roena walked to the edge of the barracks and took out a rose from the magic hat. This was the only real flower she had left. "The natural beauty should multiply so that the beautiful rose will never fade." Roena sniffed the smell of flowers deeply.

The camp under the cliff was full of smoke, and Roena didn't know that she decided to join this army a few minutes later, let alone that one day in the future, an armed force called the Soul Army would come here and become her true belonging.


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