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The Robot Llama (unofficial name) is an enemy in Contra ReBirth. It is a robot in the shape of a large llama that can run at great speed.


A large and purple colored robot in the shape of a llama. These quadrupedal machines initially appear at certain points during the Armageddon Highway stage, carrying fixed weapon power-ups for players to collect. The player can safely hitch a ride onto their backs, or cling on their heads and undersides.

The head is its weak spot; it isn't remarkably resilient, and once its has been destroyed, the robot will start losing speed and end up exiting by the right side of the screen; that is, if it isn't run over by the truck the heroes are riding on. Care must be taken not to accidentally shoot a llama that is carrying a weapon, or it could take away the power-up as it leaves the screen.

Shortly after the fight against the Rocket Ninja Sasaki miniboss, a sign will suddenly appear on the screen alerting the player they are approaching an area with Robot Llamas rampaging through the industrial zone. The llamas will start entering the screen from the left side, each carrying a Ledder on them ready to shoot at the player. Each llama will start moving back and forth following its own motion, thus frequently leaving gaps between each other the player can accidentally fall through. At this point, the truck will start ramming forward, destroying those lagging llamas that couldn't keep up with the rest of the pack. While the player could try to keep jumping on the llamas to avoid falling, a safer strategy is to simply stay on the truck's roof and safely shoot any oncoming troops from there.

This safe spot doesn't last long, however, and eventually the truck won't be able to keep up with the llamas and leave the screen by the right side. At this point, the player has to start jumping on the llamas' backs. Fortunately, no more Ledders will appear during this phase, but as the race goes on, the llamas will leave larger gaps between them, turning this section into a precise platforming challenge course.

On Hard and Nightmare difficulty settings, some llamas in front of the truck will turn around and shoot a laser beam at the player from a cannon they have concealed in their mouths. They will attempt to fire at a player's last known position.


  • Gunner soldiers do not appear on the llamas on Easy difficulty.
  • If two-players are present, a weapon-carrying llama will carry two weapon power-ups instead of one.
  • The few llamas that fire laser blasts only do so on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.