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The Ripple Laser (or just Ripple) is a special weapon in the Contra series. It is a newer designed widespread variant of the classic Laser weapon that greatly differs from it. The weapon has varying mechanics thorough each title it has appeared in.


Neo Contra[]

The Ripple Laser is a standard projectile weapon used for the unlockable Type F weapon set. The weapon fires a large blue/turquoise energy ring in front of the player. Although bullets do not pierce through enemies, its wide bullets, long-range, and rapid firing abilities allows for ease of hitting enemy opponents.

Because this weapon needs to be unlocked, it bears no description in the Instruction Manual, being a hidden weapon.

When this weapon is used by Lucia II (Lucia's unlockable bathing suit), the turquoise energy rings are changed to magenta-colored hearts.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

The Ripple Laser is a special weapon, usually obtained from Flying Capsules and bearing the color code of cyan. A short range rapid-firing laser gun that produces many wide waves in front of the player. These waves are capable of reflecting back small projectiles in a manner similar to the Reflect action. The waves take some time to reach in front of a player when they are moving. Caution is advised when using this weapon as its extremely short range is a heavy drawback. Dashing speed is somewhat faster than the laser ring's firing speed, making the rings "surround" the player when dashing with the weapon active. This gives off the appearance of the player character being "shielded".

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Certain characters are able to utilize the Ripple Laser, the weapon itself being an alternate form of the Laser II to them. In this game, the Ripple fires mid-sized sets of cyan ring shaped bullets in the shape of a cone. The firing rate is rather slow, taking at least one second between consecutive shots.



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