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The Reflective Laser is a weapon in the Contra series.


A variant of the classic and iconic Laser weapon. As its name implies, it is a Laser capable of reflecting off of various surfaces, allowing bullets to hit many enemies or objects from an angle without stopping. This weapon is used by friend and foe alike.


Contra: Hard Corps[]

The Long Hand Guy utilizes a reflection laser during its second phase. After rolling downhill, it eventually stops in place and fires a long reaching golden beam that can bounce off the diagonal hills of the current area. The beam leaves behind a long trail deadly to touch, and the entire beam will eventually dissipate over time and once its trail catches up. Once the beam is gone, the boss will roll uphill, then downhill to repeat the process of firing again until it is severely damaged once more. The boss's landing position will depend on its firing angle. At times, the beam may become stick inside the walls, causing only the bounced location to be deadly to touch for a time and the beam unable to escape.

Neo Contra[]

The "Contras" are able to utilize a Reflective Laser. Its long red beams do not show its reflectiveness during demonstration, due to the straight plane of existence. Despite being a flamethrower-type weapon, it cannot erase bullets. The beam ricochets off a surface three times before disappearing on the fourth surface hit, while piercing thru objects and enemies. Reload time is moderate, being within half to one whole second.

Mystery G utilizes a pair of reflective lasers during combat against him. His variant appears more brightly colored and travel more slower than the player's usable variant.



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