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The Red Falcon Lieutenant is a minor antagonist and the second boss of Contra: Operation Galuga.

He was voiced by Andrew Frankel.


The Lieutenant is a Ledder-style of soldier sporting a beard and shades. Speaking in a gruff tone, he commands some of the Red Falcon forces during their assault on Galuga Island. The Lieutenant is first mentioned by the Contra Unit's Commander Doyle, who briefs Bill Rizer and Lance Bean on the mission, revealing to the two commandos his appearance on a video screen. The pair's objective was to capture and interrogate the Lieutenant for questions on Red Falcon's motives on the island.

As the pair of elite commandos enter the Base, they hitch a ride on hover bikes and explore the base further. After a wild ride full of explosions and defeated enemies, the Red Falcon Lieutenant drives onto the scene manning an armored vehicle's turret. After a little speech, he assaults the commandos and commands the driver of his vehicle. In the end, he is defeated by the Contra Unit duo, and is seen caught in the vehicle's car wreckage.

However, this isn't the end of the ill-fated Lieutenant. As the commandos reach closer to the base's data room, a hulking monster chases after them, being identified as the presumed dead Lieutenant. Now, as a mutated biological monster combined with vehicle wreckage, the Lieutenant continues his mission of eliminating the commandos. He does battle with the two inside the data room, unleashing a giant cannon that damages the central computer room. After a deadly battle, the commandos prevail and the monster Lieutenant explodes for good.

Once at the damaged central computer room, Bill reports to HQ that the Lieutenant turned into some kind of monster, with Doyle suspecting that biological weapons technology is at work.


Armored Vehicle chase[]

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Mutant Lieutenant[]

The battle takes place around the data room. The Lieutenant is able to grab enemy hover bikes, one in each hand, and toss them back at the player character(s). He can also fire projectiles from his merged vehicle gun turret. When he receives enough damage, he will go offscreen and fire a gigantic laser beam that heavily damages the core computer room, before stepping back into the fray. At times, he may appear offscreen and chase the heroes in the opposite direction. He may also be seen running on all fours as to catch up to the commandos. Dealing enough damage will cause him to explode for good.



  • "I got 'em right where I want 'em! Yes, sir. I won't be long!" - First appearance.
  • "Your little joyride ends here!" - Commencing battle.
  • "Are you asleep in there!? DRIVE!" - Ramming into the background.
  • "Sorry boys, looks like a dead end! Ha! Ha! Ha!" - Driving in front of the players, final phase of armored vehicle battle.
  • "Ram 'em!"
  • "Grrr...! I'll do it myself!"
  • "Stop moving!"
  • "Gwahahaha!"
  • "Gotcha now! Ha ha!"
  • "Bombs away!"
  • "Get ahead of them!"
  • "Nowhere to hide!"
  • "Hit the brakes!"
  • "Impossible..."

Mutant Lieutenant[]

  • "Die!"





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