Born and raised among the filth and pestilence of the city's slum, Ray at one time was the leader of a bunch of roudy, delinquent youths. Recruited by the HARD CORPS for his unsurpassed combat skills and superb instincts, his cool exterior hides a burning lust for battle. Ray is a central figure in the HARD CORPS.
~ Hard Corps instruction booklet

Ray Poward (レイ•パワード Rei Pawādo?) is a character in the Contra series.


Ray was one of the Hard Corps operatives, alongside Sheena Etranzi, Brad Fang, and Browny. Under orders of Commander Doyle, they were sent to stop the nefarious plans of Colonel Bahamut, a former war hero, from using Red Falcon's DNA in order to build a new weapon. They succeeded in thwarting his plans.


  • Weapon A: Vulcan Laser—A short-range, rapid-firing laser gun.
  • Weapon B: Crash—Hits an enemy, or explodes after flying a certain distance.
  • Weapon C: Spread—Fires in five directions at once!
  • Weapon D: Homing—A powerful machine gun with homing bullets.

Alternate timeline

Main article: Ray (alternate timeline)

Ray makes a reappearance as the main protagonist in the two PlayStation games, Contra: Legacy of War and C: The Contra Adventure, both developed by Appaloosa Interactive in North America. Both games have since been removed from the official timeline and are thus considered to take place in an alternate continuity.

In these games, Ray is physically different from his Hard Corps incarnation, appearing much more muscular and even with black hair and dark skin in some artworks. In addition, he is not given a surname anywhere in the documentation for these titles, and the only statement that acknowledges both characters being the same person is found in the "Museum" option in Contra 4.

Other appearances

Ray, Sheena and Brad make a brief cameo in the interactive game TwinBee PARADISE in Donburi Island.