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Rangel (装甲猟歩兵 ランゲル Sōkō Ryōhohei Rangeru?, lit. "Armored Hunting Infantry Rangel") is an enemy in the Contra series. It is an infantry robot that attacks by shooting projectiles at the player from either a higher platform or from the background.


Rangels are infantry robots that attack from a distance with the guns they carry. They are essentially a slight variation of the Ledder and Greeder units, whose sole purpose is to fire projectiles at the player from either a higher platform or from the background. Notably, they only appear in pseudo 3D levels or reenactments of them in following titles.



For a long time, Rangels made their only appearance in Contra, exclusively appearing during Godomuga's boss fight at the end of Base 2 to aid him during battle. In the NES/Famicom version of the game, a Rangel uses the same sprites as a Garth, although colored red instead of a Garth's blue.

C: The Contra Adventure[]

Rangel reappears here.

Contra 4[]

Rangel makes a canonical reappearance here after a long absence. In this game, they appear in the pseudo 3D Base stage, running from one side of the screen to another, firing at any moment they can. Their appearance is strongly similar to Greeders, with their behavior taking a cue from the Royal Guard. Rangel also reappears during the Godomuga battle to once again assist the supercomputer.

Also in this game, there is a red version of Garth that is able to fire a single bullet in a general direction toward a hero, most commonly downward. These red Garth appear to incorporate a Rangel's behavior and color with their own Garth behavior, being very closely identical to a Rangel's NES appearance.

Contra: Evolution[]

In this remake of the original Contra, Rangel makes a reappearance, once again retaking their task as Godomuga's reinforcements during its boss fight.






  • In both Probotector and Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces, these enemies appear as an Orian-like robot. Their pistol was also changed to resemble an arm cannon.
    • Despite this sprite moving the "gun" away from the center of the enemy, this sprite change does not alter enemy behavior in any way. Bullets fired will still be fired from the center and can sometimes be seen just before being launched.
Garth - Contra 4 - 02

Red Garth shooting his pistol from Contra 4.

  • In the original Contra, both Garths and Rangels aid Godomuga during his boss fight; in the NES version of the game, both of these enemies share the same sprites for their running animations, only differentiated by their colors: Garths are colored blue while Rangels are colored red. In Contra 4, both blue and red Garths appear together, but only the red ones carry guns and shoot them downward, in an almost identical pose as the Rangels did in Contra, apparently unifying both types of enemies into a single one.

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