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The Pulley Gunner Bros. (滑車ガンナーBros Kassha Gan'nā Burosu?) are a pair of minibosses in Contra: Hard Corps.


A pair of robots (both of which seem to be comprised only of their torsos, head and arms), each armed with a large cannon attached to their metallic spines below. They appear about midway through the Military Train stage, pulled out from inside one of the cars by a large pulley with big chains, one on each side of the screen.

  1. The pulley will proceed to alternate on pulling both robots up and down in a seesaw manner and these will take turns firing their weapons, telegraphing this attack by rising their arms beforehand. When firing, the body of said shooter will sway back and forth a bit, and in total, six fired shots (five when first performed) will be unleashed before the brothers perform their next attack.
  2. The robots will straighten and even themselves and then they'll proceed to bang their cannons into one another four times in an attempt to crush the hero(es). Simply crouch underneath the small central platform or jump high above it to avoid this assault, after which the brothers will repeat their attack pattern until one of them is heavily damaged from weapons fire. Each brother approximately has 150 HP while on the pulley.
  3. Once either of the brothers has sustained enough damage, the cannon of the remaining one will explode and the remaining torso will detach from its chain and drop to the floor, where it will begin to flail about until its destruction. The legless brother contains approximately 70 HP, and the pattern of said legless robot depends on which brother was destroyed first:
    • If the left brother is destroyed, the one on the right will make large leaps across the screen, bouncing around until destroyed and increasing in speed as its remaining HP diminishes. Carefully avoid the body slams and concentrate weapons fire at any given moment to eliminate the remaining brother.
    • If the brother on the right is destroyed first, the left-sided one will scurry across the floor in a side-to-side manner, increasing speed as it is shot. Simply remain on the central platform and keep firing at it to destroy it.

The first robot brother destroyed grants the player whom defeated it 10,000 points. The second (legless) brother destroyed grants the player who defeated it 15,000 points. One player defeating both bros. has a strong chance of earning an extra life, guaranteed if starting a game or using a continue from the start of the Military Train stage.

These robot brothers also make an appearance in Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX, behaving identically to their Hard Corps counterparts. The only difference is that when one is destroyed, the remaining legless brother starts off its movement already at top speed.


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