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An ecological weapon created from abnormally evolving plants. It seems that the intelligence is surprisingly high for plants. Because the surface is covered in hard bark, no damage can be done until the core in the body is exposed.
~ Official description

The Presshand is a boss in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


The Presshand is an alien monstrosity Lance Bean uses after fusing with an alien cell. Its body is comprised of two outer shells jutting with points. Using these shells as "legs", the creature can travel at considerable speeds. The two shells conceal and are connected to a soft red organic-looking core in the center. The creature can cling to the ceiling and stretch down to grab the floor, then pull the two surfaces together using incredible might. It can also fire projectiles of flame and laser-based.


After surviving the previous boss encounter, the two commandos enter next a flat surfaced room with a visible background behind. Immediately upon entering the fray, a speedy looking plant creature is seen in the background rushing through one side of the room to the other, and after disappearing, it immediately crawls into the foreground to commence its assault on the heroic commandos.

The creature follows a pattern throughout the entire battle. First it will extend its shells and latch onto both the ceiling and floor, pulling them close. Just before being "crushed", the creature releases its grip on the floor and stays attached to the ceiling. It then immediately drops a large fiery projectile straight down to the floor, engulfing the entire floor for a brief few seconds (killing the commandos if they did not jump onto the ceiling prior, during the "crushing" segment). The creature then uses its shells to crawl to the other side of the room, making two large crawls total. The commandos must jump off from the ceiling before making physical contact with the boss. Once on the other side, the boss drops down and plants itself firmly on the floor. It then extends one of its outer shells, pointing it toward the heroes' general direction and fires off a large laser beam that must be crouched under. After a few seconds, the beam ceases fire and the creature immediately retracts its curved shell. It then instantly prepares its movement to perform a quick running charge between room sides back and forth, about 1 to 4 charges total. The commandos need to time their jumps to avoid the charging. Once it settles down on a side of the room, the boss repeats its pattern all over again from the start.

The boss can only be harmed when fired directly at its organic red core between its concealing outer shells. The shells themselves can absorb gunfire and piercing weapons will not penetrate the core if it is concealed. During certain instances (the crushing, crawling, and laser fire phases), the organic core will be exposed. Target the core with concentrated fire when an opportunity arises while keeping close eye to the boss's attacks. When crouching to avoid the large laser beam, the charged Diver Mine can sometimes hit the core with its homing angle.

Once the core has taken enough punishment, the creature dies in a weakened state. This isn't the end of the boss gaultnet, as this creature's defeat will transport the commandos to one final battleground...




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