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For the Contra ReBirth character, see Galactic President.

The President is a minor supporting character in Contra: Rogue Corps. He was the highest in command of the Earth Federation Government.

He was voiced by Marc Thompson.


The unnamed president of the Earth Federation Government who presumably was already in charge by the end of the Alien Wars.

Two years after the end of the war, scientists working for the Government were testing a gigantic artillery device called the Vortex Cannon that was intended to eradicate the hostile alien forces that still remained on Earth. General Phoenix, one of Earth's highest ranked military leaders, eager to try out this new weapon, fired the cannon against its creators warnings. At first glance, the weapon seemed to have done its job properly; however, the President, evidently upset by this irresponsible act, brought the General's attention for having fired an experimental weapon without his permission.

Shortly after this event, the President was scheduled to give a speech to the press. However, while he was in the middle of this act, the earth suddenly started to tremble and ruined buildings started to rise from the ground. Suspecting this had something to do with the firing of the Vortex Cannon, the President reprimanded Phoenix and put all the blame unto him.

Hurt in his pride and fearing the consequences of his previous act, taking advantage of the ongoing confusion, Phoenix removed Ms. Harakiri's Muramasa blade from her belly and used it to assassinate the President. Harakiri used this sword to keep in line the alien inhabiting her body; when it was removed, the creature started to possess her body, carving for blood, which served as a distraction to prevent anybody to notice the nefarious act the General had just committed.

However, Kaiser, leader of the Rogue Corps task force, who were also attending the speech, was one of the few people that witnessed the crime, and full of rage, he jumped at the General and quickly subdued him. Meanwhile, suspecting Harakiri's ongoing episode could had something to do with all the ongoing chaos, the security forces surrounded her and were about to shoot her down. Opting to save his partner rather than bringing Phoenix to the authorities, Kaiser let go off him and saved Ms. Harakiri. The General, once again seizing the opportunity, blamed Kaiser for the President's murder. Seeing it was their word against the General's, Kaiser and Harakiri opted to escape and remain as fugitives for the time being, and try to clear their names later.