Powered Ninja Murasame (パワード忍者村雨 Pawādo Ninja Murasame?) is the first boss in Contra: Hard Corps.


Powered Ninja Murasame is the first area boss in Contra: Hard Corps. It is regarded as the main mobilization force behind the robot rampage that took place in the city. At first, it is believed to be an unmanned robot, but as the Hard Corps catch up with it, they realize it is in fact piloted by an unknown foe.

Murasame is a large and slim robot with orange plated armor who wields a plasma assault rifle. It makes its introduction by initially standing atop a large building and then jumping down to ground level to confront the soldiers, destroying a car in the process. It then commences its attack by jumping around performing somersaults and firing its weapon.

Once it has sustained enough damage, it will "laugh" and proceed to detach its torso from its waist, extending its arms (which turn into sharp blades) and spinning around as if they were the blades of a helicopter; the torso will then begin to fly around, making a first pass and slicing clean the building in the background, making it to crumble. It will then continue attacking by sending out the spinning torso toward the player and reattaching it to its legs after each attack, and also by performing long lunges with its bladed hands.

Once again, after sustaining enough damage, the robot will explode and its pilot will come out from the wreckage, introducing himself as "Deadeye Joe", one of the main antagonists in the game - a mercenary whose only reason to join the rebellion is to seek a worthy opponent. He will then taunt the player to come after him if they really want to know who he is. The player is then given the option to either go in his pursuit or continue their mission and rescue the research center. Whichever option is chosen, it's clear that this will not be the last that will be seen of this character; and in fact he will be fought several times throughout the rest of the game, generally seen piloting heavy military machinery.

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