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The Poisonous Insect Gel (毒々虫ゲル Dokudokuchū Geru?) is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. It is an organic projectile (usually spewed out by Wadders) that launches itself at great speed toward its prey.


A gelatinous, germ-like alien living form constantly vomited by Wadders, which along with them are generally encountered in the game's final stage, inside the aliens' hive. Insect Gels are initially slowly spewed out and float near the Wadder for a moment, after which they launch at great speed and home directly toward the player. It is recommended to destroy them as soon as they appear, also taking the opportunity to damage the Wadder at the same time as one unleashes fire upon them.

Other lesser alien enemies can also be seen using insect gels as a form of attack throughout the series. Their behavior can change depending on the game they appear in and on the type of enemy that produces them.


Super Contra[]


The appearance of these enemy projectiles is more modest in the original arcade version of Super Contra, as only Giralal and Dethgerbis can produce them during their boss fights.


In the NES conversion of the game, Super C, their appearance is more numerous, as this version features more enemies that can produce them. Noteworthy is Alien Area 3, which now features Wadders (something that didn't happen in the arcade version), as well as the new final boss, Shadow Beast Kimkoh, which mainly uses these organic projectiles to attack (these have different color and behave differently). An array of gels are launched upward from Kimkoh's arm and then they start to slowly rain down all over the screen; or the boss can shoot a straight line of gels in a beam-like manner from the eye on its forehead.

Operation C[]

Giwala, the boss of Area 4, can also attack by spewing these creatures, although they only travel in a spreading manner and have no homing capabilities.

Contra Returns[]

Unlike most other incarnations, Gels cannot be destroyed in this game. They are spewed out by Wadders, Jameeras and Manookis, although they are slower this time around, possibly to compensate a bit for their new indestructibility.



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  • Even though the name of this creature states it to be "poisonous", it is impossible to determine if this is actually true, since making contact with any enemy throughout the series generally results in either an instant death or taking one point of damage.

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  1. Internal name from Contra: Operation Galuga.