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The Peni Flower is an enemy in the Contra series. It is a mutant alien flower of great size that attacks by shooting projectiles at the player.


Contra: Hard Corps[]

A mutant alien flower that attacks by stretching high above the player and spewing energy spores, appearing in only one stage. Three are encountered on the pathway leading up to the hidden Jungle base. Despite their ability to stretch, their stem is actually quite solid, and cannot be walked past or through them (although they can still be jumped over with the proper timing). In fact, their stem is so lethal that a single touch is fatal. Thankfully, they don't require much firepower to dispose of with, featuring approximately 25 HP. If the player is skilled enough to jump over this creature and continue trekking toward their destination, it will spontaneously explode once it is partially offscreen.

Peni Flowers are once again seen in Stage 5, should the player decide to "FIGHT TO THE END", where said flowers are used as one of many experimental ingredients for Doctor Geo Mandrake's horrific creations with his Monster Genesis Machine.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

Renamed Peni Plant in this game, but otherwise retaining its overall same aspect, although featuring modified attack and behavior patterns. As its name implies, it is a grotesque alien abomination shaped like a flower, sometimes drooling green liquid and also possessing multiple pairs of tiny wings similar to the winged mutation from Contra: Hard Corps, seen during the Monster Genesis Machine battle. Despite possessing wings, these plants always remain attached to surfaces. Its long, serpentine stem is impervious to most weaponry and only its head is vulnerable. They only appear within the Seabed base: they first appear thrusting from walls, then they later appear hanging from the roof of the Seabed base's hallways.



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