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The Peeking Alien Egg (unofficial name) is an enemy in the arcade version of Super Contra. It is a large alien egg that contains a hostile embryo inside.


A large alien egg that is very reminiscent of an Eggron, although of very large proportions. The membrane of which it is made is translucent, allowing to see a relatively large worm-like alien embryo forming inside it. When approached, the egg will periodically open and the alien will peek out and spew two Poisonous Insect Gels that will then home toward the player; if not destroyed, they'll fly about for a moment and then home in on the player again if they haven't left the screen. Two of these eggs are found side by side about two thirds into Area 3, Deep Jungle, being the only ones that appear in the entire game.


  • Only one of these enemies appears on the Easy DIP switch setting; two of them appear side by side in all other difficulty settings.
  • There is a complete unused sprite set in the game files of the embryo moving around independently. This hints that there could have been plans that didn't make it to the final release for it to come out from the egg and attack the player on its own.
  • This enemy does not appear in Super C, the NES conversion of Super Contra.





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