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The end of science is destiny.
~ Orville in Contra Returns

Orville is a playable character in Contra Returns.


A melancholy genius and a former Solar researcher, he assisted Hard Corps in rescuing Contra from the Void. He is obsessed with his mechanical fish, believing fervently that the soul of his brother Wilbur resides within the Crystal inside its body.
~ In-game description


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Nicola asked.

Orville was already lying down, and he put on a jet-black helmet, which was made of special metal and could iSorate external interference during memory transmission. On the top of the helmet, there was a long wire connected to the Crystal Nucleus of the mechanical fish.

He nodded to Nicola.

"Memory is a river, but this river is unpredictable. There are creeks, turbulence, dangerous shoals, and countless tributary extensions. Even if you go to your own memory, you may lose your way. Find out in your memory the direction is no less difficult than finding the exit of the Void." Nicola stopped to adjust the machine, "Are you really sure?"

Nicola had known Orville not long ago, and admired his genius in brain science and mechanics, but what Orville had to do now was to immerse his consciousness into memory.

But doing so was very risky. Once Orville was trapped in the memories of the past, his consciousness might never return to his body, and he would fall into an eternal sleep. The Iron Blood Legion had already occupied the ultimate laboratory, and there was no shortage of such cases in the experimental reports there.

He persuaded Orville to use an artificial intelligence program to copy his own consciousness and enter the memory by himself, but Orville refused because artificial intelligence could not simulate emotions, and what he needed to do was to find the most emotional memory moment, and rely on it to activate the consciousness in the Crystal Nucleus.

Nicola didn't ask, but he knew that the consciousness in the Crystal Nucleus belonged to Orville's brother Wilbur. After Orville disposed of Wilbur's body, after escaping from the Sora Company, the sleeping consciousness in the Crystal Nucleus was the only hope to revive Wilbur. Orville's device allows the consciousness in the Crystal Nucleus to share Orville's memory.

"Are you really sure?" Nicola asked.

"I trust you", Orville said. Nicola was stunned for a moment, did he know him so well? Moreover, he had only learned this set of equipment for two hours. If there was some deviation in the guidance, the consequences would really be serious.

"Strange person." Nicola muttered, "Three, two, one... started."


"Go, Wilbur, go!"

"Silly brother, I'm brother, of course I'm the one who saved you."

"Just this one time, Wilbur, just this one time."

"Then next time, next time I won't do anything, just wait for you to save me."

Orville stretched out his hand, trying to catch Wilbur who was drifting away, but the turbulence in the space prevented him from taking a step forward.

The space turbulence was getting faster and faster, and countless worlds were spinning rapidly, forming a colorful vortex. Orville watched Wilbur disappear into the vortex.

He suddenly woke up, in a simple small house.

The room was not big, and there were circuit boards, mechanical skeletons, and transmissions piled up on the floor. It didn't look new, but they were neatly arranged. In the corner of the room, there was a pot of stew and a large plate of bacon. There were no tables or chairs. Two people with very similar appearances were sitting on the floor and eating.

"Where is this? Your house?" Nicola's voice came, and he could tell that one of the two was the younger Orville, whose appearance had not changed, but was not as gloomy as it was now.

"Yes." Orville simply responded, and walked in front of the two. Holding a mug of beer, Wilbur blushed and grinned: "Sora, Orville, Sora. Do you know whose circuit boards are the most valuable in the dump all these years? Hehe, some of the things in their house can be reused after cleaning the dust after replacing some of them. A company that dares to throw away things like this must have a big business." Wilbur hiccuped, "What are you doing in Sora?"

The younger Orville lowered his head, took a sip of his wine, and said, "Follow Dr. J and do research."

Wilbur laughed: "Let you read books, toss about these inventions, and give you a lot of money, Dr. J is really a good man. You have to work hard, he values you so much, you have to show some skills. You don't have to worry about moving, I'll clean it up, I dragged Vera and Zadeh over to help, those two guys have nothing serious..."

"Nicola, increase the range of intervention", Orville said.

With the increased interference range, the memory would become more realistic, and more details could be felt. Orville could even smell the stink of the lake outside the house.

A cloud of fog enveloped the whole room, the fog cleared, Orville had disappeared, and the blank smile on the face of the young Orville had disappeared, Nicola knew that the consciousness of the real Orville had replaced the memories of Orville. He wanted to interact directly with the people in the memory.

He asked Wilbur in a voice that was too loud: "Wilbur, what do you want to do most when you get to the city?"

Wilbur was completely unaware of the changes around him. He was stunned for a moment, and took another sip of wine: "I don't know, I haven't thought about it. I used to think that it would be nice to live like this for the rest of my life here, free and easy, but here if we can live on, there is nothing to be afraid of in the city!"

"Then is there anything you are reluctant to part with?"

"There's too much to be reluctant to part with. But until now, I don't think I missed anything." Wilbur said, "What's wrong with you today? It's weird."

The room suddenly began to shake, and there was a faint sound of thunder. Nicola reminded Orville: "Your memory has been disturbed, and you need to leave. I will reset the interference range."

"No need to reset, go directly to the next memory." Orville said.


A thick fog cleared, and Nicola saw Orville standing in front of an old man in a suit and leather shoes. Behind the old man, there was a female cyber warrior, staring blankly ahead.

It's Dr. J, Orville's previous boss. Nicola recognized him. When the Iron Blood Legion was planning an attack, Nicola couldn't remember how many times he saw his face. Now he should also be hiding in the laboratory, thinking about how to counterattack.

The Soul troops must be released as soon as possible; otherwise, I really don't know how long it will last. Nicola thought about it casually, watching Orville walk up to Dr. J.

"Wilbur... Wilbur... how is he?"

Dr. J sat on the chair without raising his head. He didn't seem to hear Orville's words. After a while, he finally spoke, his voice was very soft, like a ghost: "He's still alive. Of course, it depends on your opinion. The definition of being alive."

"What do you want me to do, what can I do to bring him back."

"Now he is in the purification cabin, with other experimental subjects, very safe." Dr. J raised his head and looked at Orville kindly, "It's just that the purification cabin is not perfect now, and I don't know how long it has been, what will happen."

Orville recognized the threat in these words, he looked at Dr. J in a daze, wanted to speak out, opened his mouth, and finally just said intermittently: "You are experimenting with living people... that won't work..."

"Living people? That's just a combination of elements and a bit of self-righteous wisdom. If my experiment is completed, life will no longer have any secrets. Immortality and resurrection are easy things. It's just a way to accompany us."

"But Vera and Zadeh are our friends!"

"It's a boring friendship again. Have you ever thought about it, it's just an illusion brought by some bioelectricity. Of course, I don't blame you for trying to save them, so I just locked Wilbur up and let you go, looking forward to you can realize something. I have high expectations for you, Orville, you can help me create the whole world."

Orville shook his head: "I don't want the whole world."

"Actually, you should understand me better now. We all have a relative who is trapped in another world and needs to be rescued. For this matter, I will pay any price." Dr. J paused, "What about you? To save some irrelevant people, you sacrificed Wilbur for the sake of boring justice, so what are you willing to pay for Wilbur?"

"At all costs?" Orville said. "I've lost everything."

"You haven't." Dr. J glanced at the female warrior behind him, "Not yet. When you really give everything, you will be qualified to stand by my side and control everything."

Orville didn't speak anymore. All along, he didn't really have his own beliefs. It was Wilbur who pushed him to take action, whether it was to save Vera and Zadeh, or to save those strangers, or finally sacrificed himself, it was Wilbur's idea that Orville escaped.

"I'm going to get you out, no matter what", thought Orville.

"Starting tomorrow, you can go to the laboratory of the purification cabin more often, and you can also chat with your brother—Wilbur, right?—He is still conscious and can respond. Just don't consume too much energy, budget limited." Dr. J said, "Also, Wilbur has been carrying this mechanical fish all the time, so it should be very important, so please put it away."

Dr. J pointed to the corner of the office, where the blue-black mechanical fish was lying.

The expression on Orville's face changed again. He raised his hand, everything around him was still, and the sunlight outside the window seemed to become intermittent. "Nicola, call the memory image enhancement module for me." Orville said, after Nicola finished setting, he bent down and slowly picked up the mechanical fish with a dignified expression, as if he was picking up a fragile piece of art. Precious.

Finally, Orville let out a long sigh of relief. He held the mechanical fish in his hand, and the mechanical fish in the corner was still lying there intact. Nicola knew that this was the function of memory image extraction. Orville could summon the image of any item in memory from memory to use, and could even bring it to the memory of other people who shared the connection.

But this was a stronger degree of interference with the memory. Memories are often stimulated by objects. Bringing objects such as mechanical fish that entrusted important emotions to other memories might confuse originally irrelevant memories. Orville, an expert in brain science, would not take this risk for nothing.

Nicola suddenly understood that Orville was using his own help to penetrate into his memory step by step. He wanted to completely change the original memory and die in the memory to stimulate the consciousness in the Crystal Nucleus.

"Stop the experiment, stop the experiment immediately!" Nicola started to run the termination program, but the program could not be loaded, and Orville had already done something wrong before starting the connection.

Orville's eyes gradually became crazy, he took a step forward, everything disintegrated, and quickly reassembled. That was the Tower of Consciousness.


It is impossible for a human to remember all the details, but even so, the Tower of Consciousness in front of him dazzled Nicola. All kinds of color blocks were entangled, colliding with each other, and twisted into new shapes. Each color block seemed to contain a world, which is a desert, a forest, and an ocean.

The fragments of consciousness exiled in the Void and Illusion were all gathered in the Tower of Consciousness, and the most violent subconsciousness among them constituted this sea of surging waves.

He saw Orville, who was driving an aircraft through the huge waves. From that gloomy look, Nicola knew that it was the current Orville.

He tried to call, but found that his voice could no longer pass through. Orville did not know what to do, blocking all contact with himself.

"Damn it." Nicola cursed, and he could only look at Orville's memory through the monitor.

Orville knew every eddy, every turbulence. After Wilbur was imprisoned in the purification cabin, Orville thought about how to lead him to escape from the Tower of Consciousness. Finally, when Dr. J dealt with the rebels, he got the opportunity to upload himself, go to the Void and Illusion, and come to the Tower of Consciousness. But that time, he failed to rescue Wilbur, and his brother was still involved in the vortex of death. If Dr. J hadn't said later that his brother's consciousness still existed in the Crystal Nucleus, he might have chosen to put his emotions away. Bury them. "Why are you here!" Wilbur shouted when he saw Orville.

"I'm here to pick you up, this time I can pick you up", Orville said. He no longer cared whether this level of interference would cause the memory system to collapse, this was his greatest hope.

The screen changed rapidly, and Orville was forcibly changing the flow of time in his memory. Nicola saw Orville lying on the experimental table, his body was twitching non-stop, fine beads of sweat seeped out from under the helmet.

In his memory, Orville drove Wilbur to the exit. The aircraft was hit repeatedly, almost to the limit, and was about to be torn apart and swallowed by the turbulence.

Orville knew that this was the door of death, and he now knew how to open the door of life, but he couldn't create the necessary things out of thin air in his memory.

But he didn't need a life gate. This time, he wanted to enter the door of death by himself. Although this was only a virtual door in his memory, he could fake his own death. This memory was transmitted to the Crystal Nucleus, which could make Wilbur's sleeping consciousness receive enough stimulation to wake up.

Even if his real body would not die, if he drastically distorted the contents of his memory, he would completely lose his consciousness in the memory, and no one could find it back.

"Wilbur, I hope you can be free." Orville rushed out of the aircraft and used the mechanical fish to resist the turbulence. Beyond the turbulent flow, the thunder became louder and louder, and the dense fog filled the pursuit. This is the defense mechanism of the brain, trying to wake itself up.

To seize the time. Orville gritted his teeth, there were still five steps, four steps, three steps... in time, definitely in time. He could already feel the turbulent flow tearing his body apart, he could feel the turbulent flow of consciousness taking control of his brain...

As long as one step, the last step, everything could be over.

Boom. The mechanical fish suddenly hit Orville's chest, pushing him away from the door of death and into the thick fog.

"I'm brother, of course I'm the one who saved you." When Orville was pulled back to reality by the thick fog, Orville vaguely heard Wilbur's voice coming from the mechanical fish.

On the experimental platform, the mechanical fish lay there, completely black and blue, motionless.


Sora Corp, President's Office.

"Aren't there any extra chairs? It seems that you still don't want to communicate with people." Nicola walked in. When the Iron Blood Legion finally fought Dr. J, he was injured and walked crookedly.

Orville looked away from the mechanical fish parts on the table, stood up, and pushed his chair toward Nicola. Nicola didn't reach out to take it, the chair slid across the empty office and hit the wall behind him, causing a muffled echo.

"Doyle said, thank you for the coordinates you provided, and helped us rescue the Soul Army." Nicola said, "Let me see if there is anything else I can help—except help you find death."

Orville didn't speak. After the soul troops rushed out of the Void, Orville participated in the battle with them and the Iron Blood Legion, and finally occupied the entire Sora Corp. Nicola never thought that this gloomy-looking person would actually burst out with such a strong desire to fight, but Orville, who was standing in front of him now, had a blank expression on his face, and he could not see the joy of victory on his face. Less than the pain of lost hope, Nicola felt that Orville was disappearing into a gray formless world, where his soul was closing itself.

"I heard what Dr. J said to you." Nicola said.

Dr. J's distorted face reappeared in Orville's memory, and his words before his death haunted Orville again: "The Crystal Nucleus is just a battery, and it is impossible to be conscious. You had a chance to save Wilbur, yes. You gave up by yourself. You can make ten or a hundred more mechanical fish like this, but your brother will never come back."

Orville shook his head weakly, and heard Nicola continue to say:

"Don't pay too much attention to what that clown said. Your brother survived, you know. He didn't really die as long as you were here." Orville turned sideways and looked out the window. He knew that Nicola was right, but he still hoped in his heart that in another world, the two could meet again.

With that expectation, Orville would continue to live.


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