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OG UI Stage 7

Escape Ship[]

OG Stage 8 cutscene background

The scene opens up with Varanis's ship being seen in the background:

- Bill: "Not sure if you can hear us, Command, but this is Rizer calling in. We've located Varanis and are about to enter his ship."
- Lucia: "The Lemris is in his possession, and securing it is our primary objective."
- Lance: "If Varanis succeeds, nothing will stand between the Zagard Empire and the destruction of earth."
- Ariana: "I will not let that happen."
- Bill: "You heard the lady. We're getting this handled. Talk soon. Over and out."

The commandos infiltrate the ship, battling their way through Orian swarm until they reach the main room where Varanis resides. The Lemris is seen hooked up to a device in the back.

Alien insides[]


(The ending is played out in a comic-book art style.)